Fisherman: Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website (and How to Build One Pronto)

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Consumers are shopping online at an increasing rate, making it essential to have a polished and professional “digital storefront”. Over 80% of consumers begin their purchasing decisions online, which means they’re using search engines to help them determine where to shop, or — in the case of and for restaurant owners — where to eat.

To gain and influence web traffic, it’ is critical that your business have a website that appears at the top of search results and engages your consumers. A website allows you to educate consumers about your business (i.e. menu, hours of operation, location) and persuade them to choose you over competitors (i.e. branding, high-quality photos, displaying reviews).

Restaurant websites are also a great place to tell your business’ unique story. Showcasing your staff, culinary roots, and community outreach are all ways to turn curious shoppers into loyal customers. 

What Makes a Strong Website

There is no one “perfect way” to build a website – there are dozens of possible options. If you Google what makes a strong website you will most likely find 105 different ways to build one. This information overload can often be a roadblock to even starting the website process, let alone creating a strong one. 

Through years of research and industry experience, the experts at Fisherman have distilled great websites down to their essential elements, and then offers support and services for the additions restaurantsmay want to offer. Their Secret Recipe to Website Success breaks down this ultra-simple process for restaurant owners. Website Terms You Need To Know is another great read for beginners. 

Fisherman has determined that the following four elements are the foundation for a strong website:

  1. Easy to Manage Content – Content isn’t just words like this blog post. It also includes things like business hours, menu items, and special offers. To keep your online following up-to-date you’ll need to make sure not to let your content get outdated. Periodically updated content also helps increase your website’s SEO. 
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engines are designed to present users with the most relevant and accurate content in relation to a query (such as “best restaurants near me”). A website built to meet SEO criteria is essential in appearing higher in searches relevant to your restaurant.
  3. Mobile FriendlinessOver 40% of consumers prefer to order directly from a restaurant’s website or mobile app, so it’s important that your website is easy to navigate from all devices. Fast page speeds, the ability to view menu items easily, and easily order online are all key to keeping your mobile customers coming back for more.
  4. Modern Design – Customers don’t just make decisions based on the quality of service, but also based on your brand. Your website is a digital storefront telling users who you are and what they can expect. If they see an outdated website, they may assume your food or services match. A modern website and strong brand are critical in helping with their purchasing decision. 

While there are many elements that comprise a strong website, focusing on these four will help set you on the path to success. Staying on top of website best practices and design trends can feel like a lot of effort, and as a restaurant owner you are probably already wondering where you will find the time, and that’s where Fisherman comes in. 

How Fisherman Helps

Clover has partnered with Fisherman to help create your website in minutes. All they need is your business name and address, and they’ll create a modern website that you can preview for free. Even better, it’s connected to your Clover POS so that you can support online ordering for free with a live updating menu.

Fisherman websites are mobile-friendly, use modern designs aligned with the latest trends, have built-in SEO, and enable you to update content easily. A free domain and hosting comes included as part of the package. Get started on your website today!

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