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Life as a mother and a small business owner is a constant balancing act. As Mother”s Day approaches, we want to celebrate the incredible things that working mom entrepreneurs do every day both for their businesses and their families.

Clover aims to make life easier for all small business owners by adding more flexibility to your life and allowing you to do more with less hassle. We know that time is one of the most valuable things for both a parent and a business owner. Listen to the advice these mom entrepreneurs have about how they use Clover to run their businesses efficiently, allowing them more time to spend with their children.

Neron Cakes and Decor 

Imaria Fakinlead, owner of Neron Cakes and Decor, left her corporate job to pursue a business that also made space for her family.

“I worked 100% remote due to COVID. I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old and working from home was very difficult. I was losing touch with my kids because of it. That is when I realized that I should really be self-employed. I left the nine-to-five job to make sure I had more time for my family. I enjoy the flexibility of it. I can decline a job to take a vacation or take my kids out.” 

Imaria has a storefront but primarily uses Clover’s Virtual Terminal which allows her to run the business from anywhere, including her phone. 

Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering 

Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering, now owned by Gladys Harrison, is the product of generations of women passing down a love of cooking through their family. When Gladys’ mother (Big Mama) opened the restaurant in 2007, she wanted customers to feel like they were sitting down to a meal at grandma’s house. Since then, Gladys and Big Mama’s Kitchen have had to constantly adapt to new challenges including the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Clover has really allowed us the flexibility, tools, and technology to be able to keep up with what is going on and manage my business from anywhere. [It] allows me to focus on what I need to focus on, which is making sure that we are providing our customers with great food and great service. My time is my most valuable personal possession, and Clover has given me so much of my time back.”

Gladys uses the DAVO app to automatically collect and file her taxes, helping her save time and avoid paying late fees. Clover partners with many other apps that can help automate the most tedious parts of running a business such as bookkeeping and payroll

The Cupcake Collection

Mignon Francois, owner of The Cup Cake Collection began selling baked goods to help pay for her daughter’s field trips and senior dues. As her business grew, Mignon opened locations in Nashville and New Orleans. 

“Clover helps us keep count of the cupcakes, sync availability with our website, and coordinate between the two locations. It was everything I needed it to be!”  

Having everything from scheduling to inventory and online ordering managed through one device helped Mignon grow her business more easily. Now, Mignon shares her success with her community as a mentor and board member at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

“For me, that’s what success looks like: being a lighthouse in the community to show others what good business looks like and illuminating the way for others. It’s so important for entrepreneurs to know what they can do if they just believe.”

We’re proud to celebrate the accomplishments of female business owners and support them as they grow their businesses. For more insights especially for female entrepreneurs, be sure to peruse these 20+ resources every female entrepreneur should know.

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