Hate paying sales tax? Missed a payment in 2020? Sign up for DAVO and never deal with sales tax again.

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Managing sales taxes is difficult in a good year. But this is 2020.

Simply remembering to file and pay your sales tax to the state on time is a challenging hassle. Things get even more complicated if you haven’t set enough money aside when it comes time to pay. For cash-strapped businesses, sales tax funds that are already in your bank account can look like a very attractive resource to help manage expenses. However, late sales tax filings and payments typically lead to fines as high as 20-30% of what you owe. Yikes.

Stop putting yourself through this mess and sign up for DAVO Sales Tax on Clover so you can stop this sales tax management nightmare.

DAVO fully automates sales tax. You’ll never need to worry about it again.

Sales tax graphic

DAVO fully automates your sales tax management process. First, DAVO connects to your Clover to see your daily sales and sales tax data. Your sales tax is then automatically set aside daily and placed into DAVO’s secure sales tax holding account. This process separates your sales tax revenue from your business’s actual income. When your sales tax is due to the state each month or quarter, DAVO files and pays it for you from the set aside funds, on time and in full, guaranteed.

You’ll receive an email each day with your sales and sales tax information and you can always visit DAVO’s easy-to-use dashboard to see this information by location and to download your sales tax filings.

DAVO only takes about 5 minutes to set up on your Clover, which you can do by downloading the DAVO app on your Clover or signing up here.

If your business is in one of these 26 states, DAVO may not cost you a dime thanks to on-time filing discounts.

graphic displaying states with on-time payment discounts for sales tax

Since DAVO always pays your sales tax on time, you’ll be eligible for on-time payment discounts if your business is located in one of the blue highlighted states above. DAVO automatically puts these on-time payment discounts back into your account so, in some cases, DAVO pays for itself! Learn more about on-time filing discounts by clicking here.

What Clover customers say about DAVO

DAVO has thousands of customers on Clover and we constantly hear great things from them. Here are just a few of DAVO’s recent reviews:

“Everyone who has Clover should be using this app. It’s that simple.”
– Das BBQ

“This is the best app on Clover… takes care of your sales tax without you even having to think. Love it!”
– Froyo Frozen Yogurt

“DAVO has been a life saver for me and my company. No worries about filing or paying monthly sales tax, they do all the work. The price is very reasonable for the peace of mind in knowing that this state requirement is accurately being handled. Also, the few times that I needed to call in for support the staff has always been courteous and helpful in resolving my concern or question. I HIGHLY recommend DAVO to any business owner who wants to free themselves of the burden of managing your sales tax filings.”
– Southern Smokehouse

“Your service has saved my sanity and my business! Thank you! Love love this!! Thank you.”
– Domenick’s Pizza House

Sign up for DAVO Sales Tax today and get your first month free

Find DAVO on your Clover in the App Market or click here to sign up today.

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