How Clover helps retailers run their businesses: Rewards and support edition

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Retailers who enjoy Clover support and Rewards

A Clover POS makes it easier for retail businesses to get the support they need to run their businesses and deepen customer relationships.

In this final installment of our four-part series, read how these retailers have benefitted from Clover’s 24/7 support and troubleshooting help–and how they’ve been able to boost customer loyalty with Clover’s robust Rewards program. 

Speed up the checkout process

The clean, simple design of a Clover POS is a big draw for businesses that want a sleek, attractive look for window shoppers. But, it’s what you can do with a Clover POS that can help keep customers coming back.

Betsy Vega, owner of Rose City Balloons in Salem, OR, had one, simple motivation for choosing Clover—to close out her customers’ orders in a timely way that didn’t mean manually entering products one-by-one or waiting for a signature or a slow receipt printer. 

“Using the Clover system has really helped speed up the checkout. That was my main goal with a POS,” Vega shares. “Since the register has been up and working, the checkouts are so much faster.”

Impress your customers with a sleek POS system 

Ever since Tami Cox, of Country Friends of Ohio, upgraded her POS system, her customers have been telling her how much they love the Clover Station Duo.

“Now that I have the Station Duo, my customers are really impressed by that. And I am impressed, too, because I never touch a customer’s card. It never leaves their possession, which is a reassurance.” Cox continues, “They can also see everything on one screen, determine if they want a receipt, and if they want it emailed or printed. It’s very transparent for them.”

Building trust among their customer base has also been an additional benefit to using Clover for Steve and Jill Mitchael, owners of 72 West in Centerton, Arkansas.

“The system itself, the way it functions and the speed at which it operates, has really built a lot of trust in a lot of our customers. People just absolutely love it, and they love how fast it is,” Steve says. “They feel very comfortable using it,” Jill adds.


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Keep them coming back with Rewards

Building customer trust and providing a seamless checkout experience can be a great way to bring customers back through the door. Clover’s Customer Engagement Suite—which includes a robust Rewards program—can help strengthen that  relationship even more.

Developing connections with her customers is what got Corless Berry, owner of ChoZen 4 U Boutique in Cincinnati, OH, into business in the first place.

“I love building relationships,” Berry stresses. “Before I had the storefront, I was going to people’s homes, showing them what I call my ‘curated collection’ and what I thought might work for them, and they decided what they wanted and didn’t. That’s something I still do now because I love building relationships.”

Berry uses the Rewards program to show her customers some love.

“If you have 300 points, you can redeem it for 15% off your entire purchase. And with 500 points you can get 20% off your entire purchase,” says Berry. “With 100 points you get $5 off and 200 points you get $10 off, but that’s not the same as 15% or 20% off your entire order. So I encourage them to wait.”

Berry’s not the only one telling their customers to “wait.” Ben Gloria also likes to point out the ways his customers at Your Toy Link can maximize their accumulated Rewards points.

“I tell most customers to stack their points and use $100 or $50 off to get that one item for free,” Gloria says. “The rewards have really increased loyalty. We have it set up where if you visit the store 30 times, or make 30 purchases, you become a VIP and rewards are 10 times faster. Customers feel so good when they get to that VIP status. We just keep growing because of that rewards program.”

The best part? Your Toy Link’s Rewards program helps it to compete with big box stores. “We have shoppers saying, ‘No, I’ll just wait ‘til you have it, so I can get my points. I already saw it at Target, but I’m going to wait because I know you’re going to get it’,” says Gloria.

Rest assured that Clover customer support has your back

For all types of retail businesses, Clover customer support is always available at the touch of a button. Clover merchants can also visit Help from their dashboard to set up, troubleshoot, or learn how to use their Clover system. For personalized service, merchants can find a dedicated Clover support number on their statement, by logging into their dashboard from, and on most Clover POS devices.

Steve Mitchael, Clover Referral Partner and co-owner of 72 West, finds the customer support to be one of Clover’s strongest selling points.

“If we ever run into any technical problems, like an app that’s not working right, the ‘Call Me’ button is awesome,” Steve shares. “I use that thing all the time, and never have I waited more than two minutes. It’s incredible that you can get somebody on the phone, they can dial directly into your system, and in a matter of minutes, solve whatever problem you’re having.”

AK Cycle Chic’s Krystal Offord feels the same way. She picked Clover POS for her new business venture largely because of the support she received when getting things off the ground.

“I think our choice to go with Clover boiled down to the machine’s simplicity and the response we received from Clover Merchant Services,” Offord remembers. “They were very helpful, and it was super easy to get it started.” 

For seasoned local retailers to the newest merchants in town, let Clover help take away some of the unanticipated stresses of running the shop.

“When you’re neck deep in all the other things of starting a business,” Offord adds, “it’s really nice to have something be easy.”

Contact a Clover Business Consultant today to learn more about how Clover can support your business and help it reward customers and deepen relationships. 


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