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inside the chozen 4 u boutique
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Imagine filling your closet with chic clothing selected with help from a trusted friend. That’s the core idea behind ChoZen 4 U, a personalized women’s boutique in Cincinnati, Ohio. Owner Corless Berry loves to build client relationships by offering stylish, quality clothing in an inclusive range of sizes and price points.

Her passion for fashion started early. 

“My mother took me shopping every weekend, and she would stress quality. If it wasn’t right, it was going back,” Berry says.

Before opening her brick-and-mortar business, Berry ran a mobile boutique, bringing fresh outfits to her clients at home for them to try on. In 2018, on a recommendation from Huntington Bank, she started working with Clover. She quickly discovered the benefits of Clover Mini and Clover Go for her boutique POS solution.

“I met Kent Zimmerman who works with the Small Business Alliance. He showed me how to take advantage of Clover’s special options like the cash incentive discount and the loyalty program.”

Soon, her side hustle grew into a full-fledged business.

“My pop-up shop was fun but only temporary,” says Berry. I worked as a volunteer coordinator for 25 years. When I retired, I could finally step into what I’d been working toward for years.”

In January of 2019, Berry found her storefront on Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati. She already knew the ins and outs of running a small business. But now, she had the extra challenge of drawing customers to her shop. As soon as she introduced Clover’s customer loyalty program, it was an immediate success. 

Dresses on forms at ChoZen4UBoutique
Photo courtesy Sheri Deering Photography

“I set it up through my Clover Mini,” Berry explains, “I show customers how the app works and how they can earn points from purchases. And I always suggest they let the points accumulate a bit. I’ve got a program where you can use 100 points and get $5 off and maybe 200 points and get $10 off.

Berry has built strong relationships with other women through the program. Providing gracious, expert service is her greatest joy. “Having the ability to extend this gift of an eye for fashion and passing it on to my customers. And also giving them something of value so they feel like they’re getting incentives to continue shopping with me.

At ChoZen 4U Boutique, customers can receive another discount, depending on payment type. Berry uses a cash incentive program through Clover Flex. If her customers pay with cash, check, or a debit card, they can get up to 4% off their purchase. She’s added signage in the store to explain the popular program.

Animal print coat and blouse in boutique
Photo courtesy Sheri Deering Photography

Berry intended to enhance her online presence, as well. When she needed assistance getting started, experts from the local Women’s Business Center developed and built a website for her.

Recently, the boutique suffered unexpected damage. “Someone drove a car through my storefront at five in the morning,” she says. “You’ve got to look at the positive with the negative. No one was in the store, and no one was hurt.” 

Berry is eager to take advantage of eCommerce while she waits for the building to be repaired. Yet, her favorite activity is really just watching over her customers in person. She’s fostered a strong sense of community between women who visit the boutique and enjoys introducing them to one another. When someone’s face lights up because of a new hat or outfit, that’s the result of Berry’s commitment to excellence.

Gold and brown silk dresses in shop window
Photo courtesy Sheri Deering Photography

Each day, Berry carries her mother’s words into her business dealings, “You want it to be right when you hand someone an item because it’s a reflection of you. You want it to be something of quality. Good quality. Because if it doesn’t, it’ll come back on you.

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