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Dining out has always been a special treat. But with today’s schedules being busier than ever, it’s become more of a hassle. Some would rather forego the reservation route in favor of having their favorite restaurant’s food delivered. Restaurants that don’t have systems in place to deliver food to customers quickly and correctly will surely find themselves missing out on a large piece of the financial pie.

Don’t believe it? There’s strong evidence that having reliable delivery practices means the difference between a restaurant that thrives and one that folds. Current delivery in the US market accounts for about $11 billion annually, but Morgan Stanley projects that with the ease of mobile and online ordering, that number may surge to $210 billion over the long term. We’re guessing we have your attention now. Keep reading to find a few suggestions that can help your restaurant capitalize on this emerging trend.

First, we recommend connecting with one or more of these delivery systems that can help drive orders. We’re talking UberEats, GrubHub, Seamless, and the like. They’re reputable, well established, and always eager to partner with new restaurants.

Next, explore some of these top-performing delivery apps from the Clover App Market and see how they can help you streamline your order delivery process.

Order Timer shows the front and back of the house how much time is left for them to make an order. This app will keep the kitchen on their toes to make sure they get the food out in a timely fashion.

SimpleOrder is a world-leading online inventory and purchasing platform, optimizing restaurant back-of-house operations, from the purchase order to the point of sale for more than 1,500 locations in 14 countries. Integrated with a Clover POS, SimpleOrder Automatic Inventory reduces your inventory levels for each dish you sell and streamlines stock replenishment in real-time.

Clavo OrderPad is the fastest way to handle restaurants’ orders while increasing staff efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service. OrderPad enables servers to take orders directly from the table and send them to kitchen, split bills, manage orders, take payment and more.

iMenu360 Online Ordering provides a fully integrated online and mobile ordering solution for your restaurant’s website. The iMenu360 solution is fully branded to match the look and feel of a restaurant’s website and provides a user interface that is easy to navigate for customers.

Finally, consider some available apps that help you take into account the logistics of delivery and communication with customers.

Delivery Fee allows you to create a pop-up for every order which adds a preset delivery fee. You can adjust the amount of the fee based on distance, or the total value of the order.

Driver Assign will give you better tracking of your delivery orders by assigning a specific driver to an order. You’ll be able to run instant reports to see which drivers took an order and if they are holding any cash sales.

No matter what your house special is, consider putting order delivery on the menu.

[image: Chinese takeaway for dinner by Ruth Hartnup on flickr]

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