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Leveraging your contact and sales information to manage relationships with customers sounds daunting. But CRM makes it easy. This curated guide on customer relationship management (CRM) takes the best of the web on how to offer exceptional customer service with a few simple tools. From understanding CRM and what it offers to CRM ideas for small businesses, we have everything you need to get started.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is short for customer relationship management and usually refers to the software that helps you manage all the details of your customers, from their contact information to buying habits. From improving customer service to boosting productivity to helping you target your promotions, there are many reasons to invest in a CRM.

CRM: It’s not just a rolodex of customers

Is your customer service spot on every time? Do you follow up with every customer and offer them a deal you know they can’t resist? If not, you’re getting the full potential out of your database of customers. CRM to the rescue! Here’s a collection of the best ideas on how to optimize your CRM.

CRM for small businesses: Hacking enterprise strategies

Customer relationship management software sounds complicated, but with a few tips and tricks you can personalize your marketing to appeal to your best customers. Here are best practices on CRM for small businesses.

How can a CRM help you offer exceptional customer service?

Customer service is more than service with a smile. CRM helps you up your game. Offer personalized recommendations to your best customers, consistent communications through automated emails, and even help resolve complaints.

Customer loyalty ideas to inspire fans

How can you lower your marketing spend and get more repeat business? Focus on inspiring customer loyalty, of course!

Customer retention: The fastest way to boost ROI

Research shows that the chance of selling to new customers is only 2 to 20%. Compare that to 60-70% of existing customers and you get a sense of why customer retention is so important.

CRM and customer relationship apps you should check out

Want all the benefits of CRM, with less hassle? Check out these customer loyalty and retention apps that make it really simple.

Want more help with your marketing? Check out Clover’s App marketplace. From loyalty programs to promotional communications, we’ve got an app to help you get started.

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