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You have a powerhouse right at your fingertips—and you may not even know it. That is, if you have Clover, you have a suite of tools that can transform your customer relationships and how you manage them.

Clover Customer Engagement suite is a collection of tools that help you connect with your customers, building and deepening relationships over time. It’s free and simple to use. And it’s just the ticket for engaging or re-engaging your customers and attracting new ones, especially post-pandemic.

Watch this short video to see for yourself at how the suite works.

Some 11-20% of first-time customers never return to a business. Since the costs of acquiring new customers can be 5-25x more than retaining existing customers, one of the best ways to grow your business is to focus on keeping the customers you already have.

Enter Clover Customer Engagement suite. It’s free, and each of the apps in the suite comes installed on the Clover dashboard. 

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From managing customer feedback, offering special promos, or rewarding your best customers, the Clover Customer Engagement suite has your business covered. Check out these four stellar apps included with your Clover POS:

  • Feedback is a great starting point on the journey to more engaged customers. Inviting customers to rate their experiences from their digital receipts, Feedback lets you reach out directly and privately to any customer, whether they leave negative or positive feedback. You can even offer special discounts or freebies to help right a situation gone wrong. Feedback prevents bad reviews from being published on social media and review sites like Yelp. It’s handy with managing positive feedback, too. Clover research found that about 70% of customer input received through Feedback is positive. That’s an open door to engage your best customers, invite them to share their experience, and thank them with a special offer or promotional discount. Best of all, Feedback requires no setup. Simply toggle the switch on your Clover dashboard, and customers provided the information to leave feedback right on their receipt.
  • Promos lets you send discounts or other special offers directly to customers by email, text message, or through the Clover app. Welcome old and new customers through your door with promotions. Make bad experiences better with a freebie. Or, thank happy customers for reposting their positive feedback on Google reviews with a special offer. You can even post offers to your Facebook and Twitter followers with one click. To help get you started, Clover offers you first three Promos for free, but you can get unlimited Promos with Clover Customer Engagement Plus
  • Rewards helps you keep your regular customers coming back. On average, merchants find 11-20% of first-time customers never return. And, the likelihood they do return drops 50-75% every 30 days. On the flip side, customers who engage with loyalty programs spend 60% more per transaction, and 90% buy more frequently. Rewards gets you ready to show your appreciation to repeat customers. In minutes, you can create a simple, customized loyalty program at no cost. Overall, Clover merchants typically see a customer return rate of 1.5x more than merchants not using Rewards. And, Rewards keeps track of your program, so you don’t have to. Plus, your customers can keep track of the perks they’ve earned on their phone through the Clover app.
  • Customers helps you capture what you know about your guests and automatically builds your customer list. It even lets you view transaction-level history for each customer, capture customer contact info, and note more detailed customer information with fields like notes, birthdays, and workplace. If you’re just starting out with a small customer list and few social media followers, don’t worry. Clover walks you through building a customer list and loyal followers step by step. That means you can get to know your customers and provide them with the services and products they really want. 

These apps come pre-loaded on your Clover Dashboard, cost nothing to get started, and let you get your customer relationship management off the ground instantly. 

Another app that’s crucial to the performance of Clover Customer Engagement is the Clover app available on android and iOS. Check back next week for an article on The Green showing you how to promote and use the app. 

6 reasons you need the Clover Customer Engagement suite

There are many reasons to try using Clover Customer Engagement suite. Check out 6 of our favorites:

  1. It simplifies marketing and helps save time. With four powerful apps, Clover Customer Engagement automates marketing tactics like rewarding customers, getting the word out on social, and incentivizing customers with promotional deals. That lets busy merchants like you focus on the business instead of marketing.
  2. It helps reduce costs. Free with your Clover POS system, Clover Customer Engagement lowers out-of-pocket costs of starting a customer relationship program, and you can get it up-and-running quickly.
  3. It’s already installed. Clover Customer Engagement comes pre-loaded on your Clover POS and is a snap to set up. Getting started is as easy as flipping a switch. And, if you’d like to move an existing program to Clover, Clover’s experienced team can help import existing loyalty program members and work with merchants to import existing customers.
  4. It helps retain customers. In a post-pandemic marketplace, it’s more important than ever to reach out to your current customers and welcome new ones. Promos and Rewards help you engage and motivate customers to return for a visit with special deals, discounts, and coupons.
  5. It increases the value of existing customers. Even a slight uptick of 5% in customer loyalty can boost profits as much as 95%. And, with Clover to help boost loyalty, merchants also report increases in customer retention, average ticket size, and customer lifetime value (CLV)
  6. It’s all-in-one. You can find just about everything you need to nurture customer relationships with Clover. That means you have fewer vendors and devices to deal with, not to mention less hassle. Clover Customer Engagement is truly a one-stop-shop for creating happy customers—and a happy you. 

Clover Customer Engagement is the secret powerhouse tucked into Clover. It’s free and simple to set up. And, if you need even more power as you grow, Clover Customer Engagement Plus offers additional features like unlimited outreach, targeted promos, birthday rewards, automated win-back campaigns, and much more for the same or lower price than other loyalty programs on the market. 

Start learning today about how Clover Customer Engagement can help you engage and retain your current customers—and welcome new ones. Be sure to take a look at these free guides for insights on managing customer relationships in a pandemic and getting back to business.

Want to learn more about the Clover app and how your customers can use it? Check The Green next week for an article on that topic!

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