Offset card processing fees with Invoiss: Enhancing efficiency and streamlining payments

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As businesses strive to offer convenience to their customers, Invoiss steps in with an innovative solution.

With Invoiss, you can now automatically apply a line fee, or surcharge, up to 4% for invoices or orders when customers choose to pay with credit or debit cards. This approach not only helps eliminate the hassle of manually calculating card processing fees, but also encourages customers to settle their outstanding invoices or orders swiftly and effortlessly.

Keep customers informed with monthly and yearly statements

A well-informed customer is a happy customer. Invoiss understands this and provides businesses with the ability to send monthly and yearly statements to clients, summarizing their orders and invoices. By keeping customers up to date on their transactions, you foster trust, transparency, and stronger relationships. With Invoiss, customers can easily view their past and future orders and invoices, making it simpler to manage payments.

Empower your business with payment flexibility

Invoiss further enhances your business operations by allowing you to generate invoices on its platform and sync them to your Clover account with just a click. This seamless integration enables customers to remit payments online, leave tips, and sign receipts, while also providing the option to process payments on their Clover POS system.

Additionally, Invoiss simplifies payment collection by offering a unique payment link feature for your business, which can be added to email signatures or websites. With this feature, clients can enter any amount and process payment to you using your Clover gateway.

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