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Batch credit card processing allows you to process multiple transactions at one time. With batch processing, you can:

  • Choose when to process payments
  • Upload a credit card batch at once for instant approvals and payments
  • Save time and money with secure batch payment processing solutions

Batch payment processing capabilities

Merchants with many credit card transactions can save time by using batch processing. With this option, merchants upload a batch of credit card transactions directly into a payment gateway — eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming process of sending each transaction individually.

When the gateway provider receives the credit card batch file, it makes a single call to the network to get approvals on all the transactions at once. Two files are returned to the merchant: one with all the approvals, and another with any declined transactions.

Batch credit card processing is easy and efficient

Instead of paying a fee every time you process an individual transaction, you pay a single network connection fee for processing, saving you money on a large volume of transactions.

Batch card processing is instantly streamlined in your payment gateway, so all transactions are located in the same easy-to-use platform. This automated recordkeeping allows you to build more robust reports from all of your sales data.

PCI-compliant batch payment processing

When you use a PCI-compliant gateway provider for batch card processing solutions, you remove the need to manually transmit and store volumes of credit card information. The gateway encrypts, tokenizes, and stores sensitive payment data on secure servers, allowing you to store a token instead. Storing tokens in place of full card data reduces your PCI scope and cost.

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