Play ball! Clover makes its Major League debut at Citi Field

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Clover POS at Citi Field

In Major League Baseball’s 100+ year history, speed and analytics have never been more valued than they are today. On the mound, the average pitcher’s fastball is clocking in greater than 92 miles per hour, an increase of nearly four mph since the late 90s. And batters are launching balls out of the park at record speeds – now measured in baseball’s trendiest offensive metric, exit velocity.

Paired with other advanced metrics captured throughout each game, precise numbers like pitch, speed, and exit velocity are providing the game’s best and brightest access to detailed insights that are helping reshape America’s pastime into a data-driven game, focused on analytics and situational optimization.

With speed and analytics reshaping how the game is played on the field, the New York Mets are putting both to their use off of it as well – turning to a partnership with Clover to, among other things, improve each fan’s speed to pay in 2018. And doing so while gaining deeper insight in to how, when, and where money is spent throughout the park.

Clover, which processes EMV transactions in less than three seconds, has been fully implemented at hundreds of restaurants and bars, portable concessions outlets, and can be found in numerous lounges and clubs throughout the venue – including the First Data Club and Home Plate Lounge. Clover’s total implementation at Citi Field is comprised of more than 700 fully integrated Clover devices, including Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex.

That’s great news for Mets fans! It means they’ll slide through concession lines quicker than ever in 2018, and be back in their seats to watch one of baseball’s hottest teams through early April.

A leading point of sale platform for businesses of all sizes, Clover lets each merchant accept payments from customers, safely and securely. Clover will also allow vendors to offer an array of payment types to each Citi Field customer, including EMV, contactless, NFC (near field communication), gift cards, and popular digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

While Mets fans are enjoying shorter wait times as they search for a quick snack or cool beverage between innings, Clover’s integration at Citi Field is also putting a robust set of data and analytics at the fingertips of Mets executives. Clover’s analytics will afford stadium personnel access to detailed sales data that yields valuable insight into when, where, and how each fan spends their money, and can also be used to optimize future fan/concession experiences throughout the ballpark.

Implementing Clover at Citi Field came with an assist from First Data’s partners at Bypass, an independent software vendor (ISV) that has integrated their stadium-specific software solution directly into Clover’s platform. First Data’s partnership with Bypass dates back to a 2016 launch into CenturyLink Field (home of the Seattle Seahawks) and has now helped place Clover into 15 major sporting venues. Together, Clover and Bypass are working to revolutionize the fan experience at stadiums across the United States.

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