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Credit card processing can be complex. Even more so when you’re presented with an industry-related acronym that has you reaching for your phone to search the meaning.

An acronym is an abbreviation formed by the initial letters of multiple words (ex. ISV stands for Integrated Software Vendor).

Here are some common payments-related acronyms you may come across in your day-to-day operations as a business owner:


Automated Clearing House is a payment processing network allowing merchants to accept electronic check payments by entering a bank routing number and account number.


Address Verification System is used to verify the address or zip code of the person claiming to own the credit card matches what the issuing bank has on file.


Bank Identification Number is the first 4 to 6 digits of a payment card number that identifies the bank that issued the card, along with the card brand, card type (credit card, debit card, prepaid card, etc.), and the geographic location where the card was issued.


Card Holder Data consists of name listed on card, account number, expiration date, CVV, and billing address.


Card Not Present transactions are those which are processed without face-to-face or physical presentation of the actual card, which could be online, mail, or telephone orders.


Card Verification Value is the three-digit number on the back of the card (or 4-digit number on front of American Express) that helps to verify the card holder is in possession of card during CNP transactions. This can also be referred to as the CID (Card Identification) number.


Short for EuroPay, Mastercard, and Visa, this fraud-reducing technology in chip cards helps minimize the risks associated with counterfeit card-present transactions.

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An Independent Software Vendor develops and sells software products for mass or niche markets, typically to help businesses operate.


Interactive Voice Response allows merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through a touchtone phone.


Point-to-Point Encryption is an advanced security method used to encrypt credit card data at the point-of-sale, while the data is in transit, and all the way to authorization.


Payment Application Data Security Standard, formerly referred to as Payment Application Best Practices (PABP), is the global security standard for vendors that make and sell payment applications.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards is the set of guidelines any merchant who processes, stores, or transmits credit card data must comply with.


Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is a global association formed to develop, enhance, and enforce the security standards for credit card processing.


Point-of-sale systems and software are used at retail, restaurant, and service locations worldwide to help merchants accept payments and run their business.


Qualified Integrator & Reseller is an organization authorized by the PCI SSC to implement, configure, or support applications meeting the PA-DSS.


Qualified Security Assessor is someone who is certified by the PCI SSC to audit merchants for compliance with the PCI DSS.


Self-Assessment Questionnaire is a survey administered to merchants and service providers to evaluate their compliance with the PCI DSS.


Small and Midsize Business is categorized by company type, average annual revenues, and number of employees based on the standards determined by the Small Business Administration (SBA).


Third Party Service Provider is an organization a merchant selects to assist with the processing, storing, or transmitting of credit card data.


A Value-Added Reseller adds features or services to an existing software product and resells it to the end-user.

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