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You’ve probably experienced this yourself: You go to a restaurant, place an order, expect the delectable dish you saw on the menu, and receive something altogether different. Or, you order onion rings, and, you guessed it, fries show up instead.

Handling orders accurately is crucial to creating a stand-out diner experience, to running operations more efficiently, and to growing a profitable bottom line. Whether it’s because of handwritten notes, a broken printer, or lost tickets, getting orders wrong can be one of the most challenging problems restaurateurs, their operators, and their staff face.

Never fear. Clover has just the ticket to keep your orders accurate and your kitchen humming. Introducing the Clover Kitchen Display System (KDS)

What is KDS?

Clover KDS system for restaurants is a simple device that uses order management software to connect your front-of-house and online ordering platforms to your kitchen staff. It is available in 14″ and 24″ models.

Clover’s 24″ Kitchen Display System ensures precise order visibility, promoting communication and coordination for all staff with its overhead views. While smaller kitchens enjoy the same benefits with the 14″ screen, the 24″ screen shines in larger spaces, optimizing the flow of your kitchen. Pair that with a touch-responsive KDS bump bar to help you move orders along on the screen more efficiently.

Clover KDS can be used in the kitchen or front-of-house–wherever orders are prepared. It takes the guesswork out of handwritten tickets. So long paper tickets and slow printers! 

Restaurant worker tapping order on Clover KDS 24"

What the Clover kitchen order display system offers

The restaurant kitchen display system from Clover has been developed especially for restaurants–and it’s purposefully designed for their kitchens. Here’s what it offers:

  • Purpose-built hardware with protection from water, duster ingress for easier cleaning, and a 50C temperature tolerance–that’s the best in the market.
  • Larger than most options. The Clover KDS offers a large 14″ or 24″ terminal to help kitchens track orders clearly and easily.
  • Made from temp-resistant aluminum, with ingress protection, so it’s easy to clean. That’s maintenance and durability made simple.
  • Flexible network interfaces. With Wifi and LAN (PoE+), the KDS empowers merchants to supply network and power connections through one cable. What’s more, it’s 100mm VESA compatible.

5 reasons every restaurant needs the KDS 

Not sure if the KDS is right for your eatery? Here are 5 reasons your restaurant needs it: 

1. Replaces paper tickets, and reduces the risk of lost tickets. It also removes the need for a kitchen printer–saving you money on paper and ink–and modernizes your kitchen from a pencil-and-paper operation to a more efficient, digital kitchen.

2. Supports high-volume kitchens and multiple stations. Clover KDS can handle as much traffic as your kitchen can throw at it. It’s perfect for restaurants of any size–high-volume or boutique restaurants.

3. Helps keep service running smoothly–even through swings in order volume. That helps you manage traffic boons and lulls more easily and efficiently.

4. Aggregates all orders, including on-premise and off-premise orders. It means a consolidated view of all incoming orders–whether in your eatery or online. 

5. Offers invaluable performance reporting like prep time and fulfillment metrics. And that spells improved operational efficiency. 

Clover KDS presents your restaurant with a complete order management experience. What’s more, it’s integrated with the Clover POS system and BentoBox online ordering, giving you an end-to-end system that consolidates all orders in one place, accepts all payment types, and helps deliver more accurate order processing.

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With operational efficiency for restaurants at its core, Clover KDS offers more robust features and a lower cost of ownership over time than many of its competitors. That spells improved operations that could improve the bottom line and create experiences to keep guests coming back. 

Want to learn how you can ditch the paper orders and improve kitchen operations with Clover KDS? Reach out to a Clover Business Consultant today for a demo.


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