The power of connected retail: 5 ways Clover merchants are saving time with inventory management

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If you’re in retail, you know the daily struggle of trying to use multiple systems to manage your inventory and run your operations. If you’re managing both brick and mortar locations and eCommerce, the time spent manually tracking, adjusting, and controlling inventory can be draining and costly.

With Clover and SKU IQ, you can simplify your retail operations and inventory management across multiple sales channels, including connecting with your eCommerce site.  

Clover is a perfect choice for a small business POS solution. It offers lots of resources to help your business grow. Tracking inventory between your Clover POS and your eCommerce store can be a challenge, however, if you don’t choose the right solution to integrate the two.

Your store needs software that can seamlessly integrate your eCommerce inventory with your Clover POS, creating a single source of truth for all of your inventory data.

Meet SKU IQ, the leader in connected retail, an app that allows you to connect and integrate your Clover POS with industry leading eCommerce platforms. It can help you keep tabs on orders, track inventory, set up stock alerts, and more. Clover and SKU IQ combine to provide unique solutions for small businesses. 

For starters, take a look at five ways SKU IQ is helping merchants gain more control of their inventory with one powerful dashboard. (Be sure to check out the testimonials, too.)

1. Banishes costly manual inventory counts

Growing and expanding your business is hard enough without the struggle of spending hours entering row after row of manual inventory counts in multiple systems. Entering and auditing data from your POS and cross referencing it with your eCommerce inventory to maintain accurate counts can be a draining repetitive task that requires constant updating. Manual updates also leave room for things to slip through the cracks and cause costly errors.  

Save time and sanity by connecting your Clover POS directly to your eCommerce site with SKU IQ. Providing real-time data sync and automation, SKU IQ eliminates the need for manual data entry. What’s more, it does the repetitive work for you, gives you greater accuracy in less time, and helps you manage your product catalog, stock counts, and more with a fraction of the effort. That means, you can spend less time on inventory management and more time on what matters to you.

Automated inventory management software with real-time data also gives you greater insights into your stock. You can view your inventory stats, improve your forecasting, and prevent overselling. And, more efficient inventory management can help reduce excess stock and labor costs.

For busy entrepreneurs, every minute counts. SKU IQ can give you back hours every week, so you can focus on other priorities. 

Expanded Universe Design testimonial: No more manual entries
Expanded Universe Design: No more manual entries

2. Provides actionable insights and more helpful retail sales analytics

Clover reporting provides actionable business insights with point of sale reporting that enables merchants to make more informed business decisions. Connect your Clover POS to SKU IQ, though, and reporting gets even better–and more comprehensive. You can view combined analytics from your POS and your eCommerce in one dashboard. 

User-friendly charts and dashboards inside are simple to understand and help you identify your inventory needs at a glance. You get a comprehensive snapshot of your retail analytics, including things like the number of orders split between your eCommerce and in-person sales, your total sales, and your most recent orders. And, once you connect your Clover and eCommerce platform, the dashboard automatically updates with new information for every order.

With SKU IQ, you no longer have to search through endless spreadsheets or work with multiple third-party apps for the full picture. You can seamlessly connect SKU IQ with your current systems for better inventory management. 

Top Crown Collections testimonial: Simple to use for those who aren’t tech savvy
Top Crown Collections: Simple to use for those who aren’t tech savvy

3. Connects your Clover POS to your eCommerce site easily

Learning new tech can be a challenge. Great news! SKU IQ is super easy to integrate with Clover. You don’t have to have lots of tech experience to work with SKU IQ. It’s simple and intuitive. You can set up your connection in just a few clicks–and in less than an hour–with the help of a simple setup process and an onboarding wizard. Check out this white paper to learn more about integrations with SKU IQ: How to Sync Your eCommerce and POS Inventory.

If you’d prefer help getting started, SKU IQ offers a complimentary onboarding and product specialists that can get everything connected for you. Plus, they provide ongoing dedicated customer support to show you how to use your dashboard if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

Lifeway Nutrition testimonial: Connected retail that syncs online store with inventory
Lifeway Nutrition: Connected retail that syncs online store with inventory

4. Delivers the power of connected retail

Knowledge is power, and SKU IQ helps you streamline your processes while providing more insights across your sales channels.

SKU IQ updates data like your product quantity, name, description, price, SKU, photos, and more which can pass seamlessly from your Clover POS through SKU IQ to your current eCommerce site.

What’s more, when you sync your data the first time, you’ll receive a link report that helps you find any duplicated items between your POS and eCommerce inventory, identifying potential inaccuracies and saving you time.

You have full control over your data and how it’s linked and updated between systems.
You can choose the primary data source, and SKU IQ automatically updates the other system(s) when there’s a change. And, when you update products in one system, SKU IQ can push those updates to your other system. That means, update once, and you’re done! 

Jules & JC testimonial: Knowledgeable and responsive support team
Jules & JC: Knowledgeable and responsive support team

5. Offers a risk-free trial for 30 days

Keeping expenses in check is crucial to growing businesses–especially when looking for new business solutions. So, Clover POS and SKU IQ are offering a free trial–for up to 30 days–to help you see how they work.

What’s more, you won’t need a credit card for a SKU IQ trial, and plans start as low as $35/month. Simply start your free trial with SKU IQ by following a few easy steps to connect your eCommerce platform with your Clover POS. You can have better inventory management in no time! 

Vaping Delights testimonial: Easy to sync systems and save time
Vaping Delights: Easy to sync systems and save time

Solutions that can grow with your store

Merchants of all sizes need platforms that will grow with their business. Clover and SKU IQ Clover and SKU IQ support businesses of all sizes–from those with a single store to those with 100+ locations–and offer features that can meet the demands of growing businesses and increasing order volumes. 

Together, we can help you achieve a fully connected retail with real-time data syncing just like big businesses–for a fraction of the cost. 

Clover and SKU IQ help businesses of all sizes take back hours every week with automated inventory management. Take SKU IQ for a free 30-day test drive to start syncing your Clover POS with your eCommerce site. 

If you’re looking for a POS, be sure to check out all that Clover offers merchants like you.

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