Top 5 YouTube channels every full-service restaurant owner should watch

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For time-crunched restaurant owners, what better way to get quick, expert advice than on YouTube? Not only does the platform host spots on top chefs, cooking hacks, and street eats around the world. You can also find seasoned restaurateurs with inside knowledge on running smoother, more successful operations. Check out these five sites for fine-tuning your business.

1. The Restaurant Boss

Overwhelmed with too many headaches and not enough rewards? The Restaurant Boss is an instant de-stressor. With simple tips and inspiring messages, restaurateur Ryan Gromfin helps you boost profits, improve operations, and stay motivated.

His upbeat, relatable videos focus on nailing the multitude of tasks and questions every restaurant owner faces. Are you pricing menu items correctly? Should you close early on slow days? Do you know where to locate great employees? Whether you’ve got a high-end bistro or a casual lunch spot, Gromfin solves everyday problems, fast.

2. Bar and Restaurant Success

Nick Fosberg is a fervent believer in marketing and promotion—a critical and often overlooked area for making your business a hit. His popular channel offers step-by-step basics and pro tips on running seasonal promotions, building buzz on Instagram, and other secrets that bring customers through the door, again and again.

3. The Restaurant Expert

Without a healthy cash flow, your business is in trouble. That’s why David Scott Peters hones in on common mistakes and money drains, as well as controls for tracking and keeping on top of finances. The free webinars on his channel go deep into how to reduce labor costs, bar theft, food expenses, and more.

4. The #AskGaryVee Show

Author of the megasellers Crushing It! and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Gary Vaynerchuk is also a venture capitalist, CEO of VaynerMedia, and a prolific video and podcast host. On #AskGaryVee, he doles out straight-talking advice to entrepreneurs of every stripe, include restaurant owners trying to stay competitive. Tune in to hear what he says about customer service, branding and marketing, starting a restaurant, and using Snapchat to extend your restaurant’s presence.

5. The Rose’s Luxury Story

Wonder what it takes to get 1,200 five-star reviews on Yelp? It’s not just great food—it’s exceptional employees. Follow the story of Washington, DC restaurateur Aaron Silverman as he beats the industry’s notorious turnover rate and lands committed people, the key to building the number-one restaurant in the country. Help your own employees work faster and smarter using the Clover Dining app to simplify ordering—and free up time to create great customer experiences.

And a bonus…

For a quick pick-me-up, everyone’s favorite manic chef, Gordon Ramsay, serves up his top five tips for running a proper restaurant…or don’t bother at all.

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