New & notable in the Clover App Market: July 2019

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Each month we’re pleased to bring you new ways the Clover App Market can make your job (and your life) a little bit easier. This month we’re featuring apps that automate actions to save you time and free you up to be the best merchant you can be.

Order Paper

If you print out receipts, you probably go through a lot of paper. Have you ever forgotten to order more when you’re running low? It frustrates your staff and your customers when you run out of staple needs like receipt paper. With Order Paper, you can order for any Clover device or Kitchen printer right from your Clover dashboard. Even better, you can set up a recurring order and put it out of your mind. And best of all, paper comes to you with free, fast shipping.

Davo Automated Sales Tax

Sales tax is an area in which a lot of new merchants make errors. It can be difficult to set aside the proper funds when you are launching a business, and filing and paying your taxes is a pain for everyone. Enter Davo Automated Sales Tax. Once setup, it automatically calculates the amount of tax generated by your sales, separates those funds, and files and pays your taxes on time and in full. Their service is fully guaranteed, so you can truly have peace of mind. Give Davo a try today!

Smart Online Order + WordPress

Managing online orders can be difficult, and costly. Zaytech’s Smart Online Order + WordPress helps you take the guessing out of your online order process and keep your costs down in the meantime. For a monthly flat fee, you can receive unlimited online orders across multiple locations, and set orders to print automatically from your Clover, Kitchen printer, or both. What’s more, Smart Online Order interfaces seamlessly with your website, and if you have a WordPress site, there’s a simple plug in to allow your orders to come directly from your homepage. If you don’t have a website, they can also help you design and build the perfect page to meet your needs.

Be sure to check out these and other small business solutions available to you in the Clover App Market.

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