New and Notable in the Clover App Market: April 2022

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Happy spring! We’ve noted a few of the latest apps in the Clover App Market designed to help you manage your staff, your customer relationships, and your finances even better.

Appointment Scheduler: If only there was a way to notify your employees and clients of their appointments, set commission and track your growing clientele. Thankfully, the Appointment Scheduler app works seamlessly with your Clover terminal to do all the above and more. See who your best selling employee is by tracking commissions and keep reports of each session for efficient scheduling. Every customer is special, so make them feel that way by utilizing the notes and picture option to remember each client before they check in. 

Zen KDS: Set your kitchen staff up for success with an improved order management system; no paper receipts required. Zen KDS allows orders to be presented and fulfilled from a touch screen on the wall. Sync your orders directly from your Clover system to the kitchen’s tablet in real time. Now with the touch of a button, the Chef can notify your team, ‘Orders up!’

Loyal Patron: At this point, we all have lots of points at all of our favorite retailers, restaurants and cafes, right? And calculating the dollar value is next to impossible. Loyal Patron issues rewards in a clear dollar currency (no confusing points) that everybody loves and understands. Ensure each loyal patron gets the status they deserve by classifying loyal customers into elite membership tiers (like Platinum, VIP, and more) loaded with exclusive benefits. Finally … a way to reward loyalty without the extra math. 

OrderUp: A restaurant on wheels requires the efficiency of a restaurant and the independence of a contractor. OrderUp will create your Food Truck’s app to reflect your uniqueness while boosting revenue with dynamic menu options, events manager, a real-time location finder, and more. Sales metrics within the app allow you to keep track of your best sellers while simultaneously notifying your customers of your up-and-coming items.  

BLUbeem™ by Brink’s®: Want fast access to your cash and to eliminate bank trips? BLUbeem by Brink’s enables you to digitally register cash deposits in-store via an onsite smart safe and get next-day credit to your bank account of choice – all without going to the bank. With our Clover-integrated cash management app, take advantage of detailed insights and hassle-free cash management that helps you reconcile cash deposits and transactions, minimize bank fees, and reduce theft and shrinkage.

For even more inspiration and, of course, apps, be sure to visit the Clover App Market.

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