How online employment background checks from Shareable can help you hire better

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Ever wish you could run an employment background check on your candidate at the interview and hire them on the spot?  Now you can with TransUnion ShareAble.

As a small business owner, you know that you need to hire the right people who can mesh with your team, fit into your culture, and bring valuable skills to make your business successful. 

But, for many small businesses, the hiring process can be challenging. In particular, completing employee background checks can be frustrating. Denied access to screening tools, arcane application processes, slow delivery of reports, pesky sign up fees, and potentially unreliable results can make it seem impossible just to knock out the background check for that new employee.

Employee screening for your small business doesn’t have to be a headache, however. 

  • What if you could start screening immediately with no wait?
  • What if you could get reports back fast and expedite your hiring decision?
  • What if you could use a screening tool from a reputable source, like TransUnion?

Now you can–with ShareAble For Hires.

Specifically built for small businesses, ShareAble For Hires gives you the tools to check someone’s background in minutes.  As you learn how to boost your business with Clover, take a look at five crucial ways that ShareAble For Hires can help speed up your hiring and decision-making process.

1. Easy, Immediate Access for Every Small Businesses

Some background check companies make you wait to start.  You might need to fill out an application, wait for approvals, or even call in and talk to a salesperson before you can begin. You could lose that superstar candidate because you couldn’t do your background check in time.

ShareAble puts you in the fast lane to accelerate background checks. You get access to tools immediately. 

Ditch the wait with ShareAble.

  • No delays to start screening.
  • No burdensome eligibility requirements.  
  • No upselling salespeople.  

In fact, ShareAble for Hires is the only online employment screening tool available to any legitimate small businesses in the United States for immediate use.

2. Fast Screening Results for Ultra-Smooth Hiring

While traditional background checks can take days or weeks, ShareAble for Hires delivers you background check reports nearly instantly. 

ShareAble is all online, use it anytime you are ready to screen.  And it takes only minutes to create your account. 

The process is simple. You invite applicants to screen from the dashboard. Applicants receive email to start and explicitly consent to screening.  They create an account and enter in their personal information. TransUnion verifies their identity, and then your reports are delivered. From account signup to transaction, the whole process can take just minutes.

With quick access to important information such as criminal records, identity verification, and credit reports, you can have the background check in hand by the time you finish the interview.  

3. Transparent, Responsible Data Management and Sharing

TransUnion believes in using information for good. That’s why the ShareAble for Hires process ensures applicants are in control of how their personal information is accessed and shared with employers. 

Trust is a two-way street. ShareAble helps job candidates by providing a safe way to share their information.  That way, small businesses get critical information quickly which helps speed up hiring decisions. 

Because job applicants consent to participate in the ShareAble process, they become stewards of their data. They decide who can see their information. And, both employer and applicant get the background check report–and that means greater transparency for both parties.

4. Clear, Affordable Pricing for On-demand Background Checks

Some providers can charge an arm and a leg to do a background check. After account set-up, service minimums, and small-print fees, some traditional background checks can cost hundreds of dollars.  

Those kinds of expensive employment screening tools can impede your ability to bring great people onboard. On the other hand, ShareAble offers the background information you need at a great value.   

  • FREE sign-up–no charge to establish your account.
  • Pricing starts at $25. 
  • There are 3 packages to fit your needs. 
  • It’s pay as you go–purchase only when you screen.

Plus, ShareAble has

  • No hidden fees 
  • No subscriptions 
  • No unnecessary services 

5. FCRA-Compliant Reports that Help Protect Your Company

Many business owners today have more on their plates than ever before. On top of managing an ever-growing to-do list, they also need to make sure hiring practices follow federal guidelines when vetting new hires.  A misstep could result in a lawsuit or other consequences. 

Reduce the worry. ShareAble for Hires offers FCRA-compliant reports that follow state and federal consumer reporting regulations. You can trust that the information you receive about your job applicant has been shared only with their consent and that we’ve scoured numerous databases to ensure accuracy. 

Boost Your Business with ShareAble for Hires 

Don’t lose a great candidate because of delays in background check reporting.  Instead, use ShareAble for fast screening and hire on the spot. 

Built specifically for small business owners and managers, ShareAble for Hires provides immediate access to FCRA-compliant, pre-employment background reports with friendly, straightforward pricing. 

ShareAble by TransUnion is really the only employment background check tool designed for 100% of small businesses to use.*

With ShareAble you can:

  • Screen immediately with no waiting to start* 
  • Get credit, criminal and Identity reports in minutes
  • Hire on-the-spot with background check in hand

Join thousands of small businesses who have screened applicants using ShareAble for Hires. 

Connect ShareAble For Hires now in the App Market.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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