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As a field service business, you are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities–while managing resources, time, and energy. With so many moving parts to track, how can you streamline operations much less research all the possibilities?

In this post, we’ll take the guesswork out of simplifying operations by highlighting some of the best apps for field service. Since not every business app is well-suited to every industry, we’ve handpicked user-friendly, customizable apps tailored for field service businesses. 

Whether you’re running a complex organization or a small shop, these apps are designed to help you automate repetitive tasks, track performance metrics, and optimize resource allocation without losing time. What’s more, they’re simple to use and integrate easily into your existing workflow. 

A comprehensive POS system 

One of the best ways to harness the power of an app is through a comprehensive POS system like Clover POS. This full-service system doesn’t just process and record payments, it’s a business-management solution with many integrations and tools specific to field services businesses–think of it as a field service management app.

This small business field service software offers the following built-in features: 

  • Virtual Terminal offers the flexibility of processing payments from wherever you are. It accepts all payment types, and, with end-to-end encryption, it keeps your customer’s information secure. Learn why these Clover merchants love their virtual terminal
  • Mobile Payments not only give you the power to process payments virtually, they also offer the option to accept payments on the spot with these compact Clover devices–Go, Flex, and Compact–a slimmer version of the Flex that launches soon.
  • The Clover Reporting feature is a powerful analytics tool that offers real-time insights into sales trends driving your business. It helps you track key metrics like revenue and performance, and offers insight into your busiest times and best-selling services. Even better, it makes these insights available through the Clover dashboard or mobile app wherever and whenever you need information. 
  • Customer Engagement helps you cultivate a loyal client base with promos, rewards, and customer feedback. And, since customer relationships are the lifeblood of any field service business, keeping customers engaged can help you achieve sustainable growth that outshines competitors.

Best apps for field services

Clover’s App Market offers a large collection of user-friendly apps designed to help you run your field service business even more efficiently–from scheduling and dispatching to time cards and payroll. Here are five apps that automate routine tasks, provide actionable insights, and seamlessly integrate with your Clover POS.

1 Geographics 

Find yourself returning to the same neighborhoods over and over? This field service app segments customers geographically by zip code and evaluates overall business performance on a monthly, yearly, and historical basis. This information can help you market to your best customers and expand your business to new markets. Not only can it help you increase revenue, but it can also help you build a reputation as the go-to provider for field service solutions in your area. 

2 Customer Upload 

Since customer relationships are integral to field service businesses, customer data is precious. When you move to a POS system to Clover, this app helps you transfer your entire customer database via a CSV file.

3 Timeclock by Homebase 

Timeclock is an all-in-one scheduling, payroll, and team management app. You can communicate with your team, and they can even exchange schedules on their own. They also have an up-to-date schedule at their fingertips and can receive reminders. Even better, you can automatically turn timesheets into wages and withhold taxes for payroll. Basically, Timeclock can help you manage your team of technicians, contract workers, or employees with very little effort.

4 Book Online 

A field service scheduling app, Book Online enables you to schedule appointments and take deposits at the time of booking. Customers automatically receive an appointment confirmation email and text as well as a reminder text as the appointment approaches.

5 Payroll by Gusto

This full-service payroll app syncs with Homebase so that you can track your employees’ and contractors’ time and pay them in just a few clicks. Payroll also automatically files your local, state, and federal payroll taxes.

Be sure to check out the Clover App Market for even more helpful field services apps. And, if you don’t already have a Clover POS system, reach out to a Clover Consultant today to learn more about the Clover POS and apps designed for field service businesses.

*Important Disclaimer: The apps discussed here are provided by third parties. Clover does not make any representations or guarantees as to these products / services. Please see each Application’s Terms and Conditions for more information.

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