The definitive guide to handling product & inventory

September 21, 2018

Managing your inventory is at the core of any successful business. But good inventory management is about much more than logistics—it’s a window into the health of your business, showing you which products work and which don’t, helping you forecast your future, and giving you clues to how to best to grow. This guide will help you quickly advance from simply knowing what’s on your shelves to using today’s best technological tools to analyze and refine your sales tactics in real time.

Inventory Management 101

As with anything, you’ve got to get the basics down first. Good inventory management starts with understanding what you have and getting a handle on your logistics. This can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be—a modern POS system with integrated inventory management tools can save you a lot of time.

Beyond Logistics

It’s one thing to know what’s on the shelf, but it’s another thing to know how best to push it out the door. Once you’ve got your inventory management system as close to air-tight as possible, it’s time to get strategic. This means displaying your products attractively, knowing when to offer discounts, and keeping some tricks up your sleeve for that item that just won’t sell.

Big Data for Your Small Business

A modern inventory management system that integrates with your POS system is an invaluable tool for any small business. Today’s technology allows you to see what’s selling, not just at the end of the quarter, but from minute to minute. Use that data to make smarter business decisions.

Planning for Smart Growth

All that data your smart inventory management system is tracking can also help you grow your business more intelligently. After all, if you know exactly what’s working today, you can create more detailed projections of what might work tomorrow.

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