New & notable in the Clover App Market: March 2017

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Learn about even more business apps from the Clover App Market that can expand your Clover device’s capabilities and help you get paid and sell more.

A 2014 study found that 59 percent of Americans are optimistic that future technology will make life better.

As many business owners can attest, that future is now. Clover POS systems and the Clover App Market are helping small businesses operate more efficiently and improve their bottom line. Here are a few notable apps you might consider to help you get important jobs done on behalf of your business.


A successful business does a standout job making each and every customer feel appreciated, regardless of socioeconomic status. The EBT app is a must-have for grocery stores, produce markets, and farmers market stands since it enables these businesses to accept electronic balance transfer (or EBT) cards—the form of payment used by those receiving SNAP, unemployment, or other governmental benefits. Card holders simply hand over their EBT card when making eligible purchases and merchants can instantly—and easily—complete the transaction.

The app is available at no cost to Clover users. It downloads quickly and integrates into any of the Clover point-of-sale systems.

Cleaning, Alteration & More

According to the Council of Better Business Bureaus, lost items are the number one complaint lodged against dry cleaners. Cleaning, Alteration & More keeps launderers and dry cleaning merchants from being buried by mountains of clothing and paperwork.

No longer do laundry businesses need to create individual paper slips for each customer or item. With a streamlined interface, the app organizes and tracks orders from drop-off to pick up. Customers’ information is digitized, enabling merchants to view and manage all active orders and past history, search by customer phone number or name, and manage pick up time.

BarPro with Age Verify

Laws vary from state to state, but the penalties for businesses that serve alcohol to minors can be hefty: fines of several thousand dollars and/or jail time. BarPro serves your business by confirming the age of patrons. Bartenders enter the birthdate listed on an ID, and the app’s quick verification system gives permission to drink (or not).

Those pouring drinks will love the app’s pre-loaded (and searchable) library of more than 16,000 drink recipes. Bartenders can mark recipes as “favorites,” and they’ll appear on the homepage, easing the process of entering orders. There’s also the ability to add customized instructions for making signature cocktails and to scale recipes when multiple customers order the same drink.

Find more great apps to help your business run better in the Clover App Market.

[image: Cinebistro Cocktails by Larry Hoffman on flickr]

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