How card-on-file subscriptions guarantee revenue and grow your business

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Membership subscriptions are fast becoming the ultimate in customer loyalty. There was a time only gyms offered memberships. Now, almost every vertical–restaurants and cafes, car washes and medical clinics, wineries and beauty salons–are realizing that monthly subscriptions give them a growing and secure revenue stream.

Amazon was one of the leaders in subscription-based loyalty, with over 200 million customers paying every month to be a Prime Member. Big chains are also getting in on the act. Panera Bread, Taco Bell, and Prêt-à-Manger now offer attractive discounts to customers paying monthly. 

Customers find the obvious perks to subscriptions attractive, of course, but also the convenience. With Amazon Prime, customers can purchase with the simple click or tap without having to enter card details. Imagine if you could offer your customers this convenience in store? Memberships & Recurring Payments by Loyalzoo makes this service available to every business using Clover POS.

Why are subscriptions the ultimate in loyalty?

Creating a loyal customer base seems tough, but it doesn’t have to be. By offering subscriptions such as a VIP club with special discounts or pre-release offers, you ensure your customers come back to you instead of going to your competitors. Signing up to regular payments in return for a great deal from you is a commitment to your business. They are paying you before you even sell them anything! A coffee shop for example could offer unlimited coffee each month for $30. Because they have already paid upfront, customers will want to make sure they get the most out of their $30.

With Loyalzoo’s Memberships & Recurring Payments app, you can create a subscription-based loyalty program that suits your business. The smart integration with Clover makes it possible to offer your customers special discounts directly at the till and generate monthly recurring revenue for yourself. 

Growth through subscriptions

A guaranteed and loyal customer base is a magnet for new customers. If two stores are selling the same thing, we tend to go to the busiest one. If your customers have paid a monthly subscription, they’ll likely visit as often as possible. An aesthetics clinic or beauty salon, for example, could offer a monthly membership in exchange for a 30% discount on all treatments. And that could bring customers in twice a month instead of just once a month, increasing revenue and creating the ‘buzz’. 

A thriving business with a strong customer base attracts others. That is, the more customers you have, the more you tend to get. And that means, more new customers, more new members, and more potential income for your business to grow and succeed. 

Many businesses also use the app for card-on-file payments in store. For example, hardware and power tool stores with a large number of trade customers will store clients’ cards so that staff can pop in and pay using the stored card on file. You get to treat your customers like VIP’s and offer truly contactless payments. What’s more, instead of focusing on how much customers have to pay, you can highlight the discount they’re getting–especially helping in this time of soaring inflation

Loyalzoo’s Memberships & Recurring Payments can help you compete with bigger businesses and win. You can create unlimited membership tiers, reach out to your customers and conveniently store their card on file for future purchases. You can also sell memberships online through your website, all directly integrated with your Clover account. 

Get started now–with no monthly fee!

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