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Paying at the pump

Gas stations and convenience stores can simplify the payment process with PCI-compliant gas station credit card processing and secure pay-at-the-pump capabilities. These solutions can help you:

  • Boost customer convenience, increase sales and improve service with AFD (Automated Fuel Dispenser) gas station credit card processing
  • Advance your business by accepting Voyager®, Wright Express® and other fleet cards at your gas station POS
  • Comply with PCI standards to protect your business and reduce the risk of fraud at all of the gas station point-of-sale systems you manage

Offer convenient payment solutions for customers

Gas station POS systems help improve customer service by allowing drivers to pay for fuel at the pump with major credit, debit, or fleet cards. Intuitive gas station credit card processing technology integrates directly with your current POS equipment, allowing drivers to enjoy convenient self-service and fast approvals while on the go.

By eliminating the need for customers to come inside and pay, credit card processing solutions integrated with gas station POS systems help save time and money while increasing sales.

Fleet card gas station point of sale systems

A fleet card is a payment card that helps businesses manage vehicle expenses, including fuel. Fleet card merchant services allow you to seamlessly and quickly process major fleet credit cards, such as Voyager® and Wright Express®.

Adding fleet card capabilities to your gas station credit card processing offers many benefits — including improved customer convenience and increased sales.

PCI-compliant gas station credit card processing

If you accept credit cards at your gas station POS, you are required to comply with PCI DSS standards. PCI-compliant payment processing services enhance pay-at-the-pump and gas station credit card processing systems, so you can protect your customers and your business.

While Clover doesn’t currently offer gas station credit card processing and fleet card merchant services, our partnership with our parent company Fiserv enables us to connect you to the tools and resources you need to run your business.


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