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Avoid lost bills and late payments by sending digital invoices and reminders with electronic billing services. Electronic invoicing software can reduce costs associated with traditional paper billing and invoicing.

When using electronic billing software, you can:

  • Switch and save an average of $0.40 per paper invoice
  • Improve customer satisfaction with easy account access through an online payment software and user dashboard
  • Reduce late bills with recurring invoicing and faster online payments
  • Green your payment environment by replacing paper billing with eco-friendly electronic invoicing
  • Enjoy secure payment processing that complies with PCI standards to help keep data secure

Reduce the risk of theft and fraud

Digital theft is a real concern when accepting credit cards within your business. This is why it’s important to work with a merchant services provider that leverages advanced PCI-compliant security features, including tokenization and encryption, to protect your users’ payment data from fraud and abuse.

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