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As a business owner, you likely have been assisting customers calling to make an appointment for the service or a product you are selling. Sometimes, you may be jammed at the time of the call, leaving them waiting on hold for prolonged periods of time.

In other instances, the phone ringer may not be heard; the call gets disconnected; or no one on your staff is picking up the phone because it’s not their assigned job. 

You may be looking at the idea of having an answering service so you don’t miss out on potential customer calls. Paying an answering service or a full-time employee to manage these calls can be costly. At the same time, the potential for error is greater – they could enter the wrong phone number, email address, customer’s name, or appointment date or time.  

Whether you’re a one-person business or team of many… time is money. As more entrepreneurs grasp the concept of efficiency and maximizing their time, streamlining their operation becomes a must. Implementing tools that can help make time management easier can have huge benefits in the long run. 

Which software is best for my business?

As with any business management software, the choices can be mind boggling. Who has the time to search, analyze, and identify the best tool for their business? Looking to self-promoted app advice companies can make it confusing and at times overwhelming. What should you look for?

You know your business better than anyone. Write down your business’s needs, your expectations, and the long-term goals you expect to achieve using this tool. Then, look for a tool that is simple for you to understand, manage, and provide flexibility in meeting those goals. A good, simple user interface can allow you to flow easily within the app.

In addition, you’ll want to look for a tool that can provide reliable customer support. Many software vendors provide minimal to no support. At best, support is by email with a 48- to 72-hour response time, which can lead to frustration and a pause in the use of the software. Look for a company that offers live support and is open to hearing your opinion and new ideas, which you can request to be implemented. 

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Why do I need this software?

Business owners want to make sure their time is maximized, efficient, and productive, and they want to work with customers who appreciate their time. A missed appointment can translate to a financial loss, breed feelings of disappointment, and create disorganization within the establishment.

Service businesses are swarming to solutions that can help maximize their output. Using a good scheduling tool has become a must! The ideal tool should have the ability for businesses to use on their social media channels and websites, as well as sync with their POS systems and calendars. It should also enable users to categorize appointments by employee and availability and allow for continuous automated interaction with the customer, e.g. reminding them to show up to the appointment and thereby leading to more successful interactions and less no-shows.

Advantageous of appointments and scheduling software

Making appointments seems easy enough, but it can be time consuming. When customers are  offered minimal available time slots through a live attendant, they may waste more time, look for wiggle room which isn’t there, or commit to timeslots without checking a calendar and creating an increased potential for no-shows. Using a good scheduling and appointment tool can help change the game. The customer only sees the available time slots in a calendar format which you control. Then, your customer enters their information, which can help reduce input errors, and agrees to receive notification of reminders to be sent to their phone, all without any intervention from a live attendant.

Ready to try Appointment Scheduler Pro?

We hope that the above information will help you make an objective decision for your business. After all, you are selecting this software to help you improve your workflow, increase efficiency, maximize your time, and get more things done

Appointment Scheduler Pro is available in the Clover App Market and can be installed on all Clover devices except for Clover Go. It is packed with all of the important features you need to help grow your service business, and it is supported by a great team of people working in development and support to provide the best service they can to our varied customers.

For further information and onboarding sessions, email, or call or text (305) 398-7571.


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