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C&T Assorted Sweets initials

Tammy Mikut is the “T” in C&T Assorted Sweets. The “C” stands for Carol, Tammy’s mother who passed away in 2010. From light yellow walls to popular lemon bars, Carol’s memory brightens Tammy’s bakery, located in a multi-vendor space called The Common Ground in Medina, Ohio.

“I’m doing this for both of us now,” Tammy says.

From blue-ribbon winner to pro

Tammy started C&T Assorted Sweets out of her home in 2021. She had enjoyed baking since she was a child and long considered launching a bakery. Eventually, her daughter’s friend suggested she enter her work in the local county fair. After winning all blue ribbons, Tammy decided to go professional. About a year later, she snagged one of the first vendor spaces in The Common Ground, which also boasts a coffee shop, a vintage store, and dozens of other small businesses. There, she sells cupcakes, pies, brownies, and other delicious goods.

Owner of C&T Assorted Sweets standing in her Ohio shop

Tammy has a bounty of recipes, many of which come from the women in her family. Her aunt is the source of C&T’s beloved kołaczkis (Polish filled cookies). Tammy grew up loving her mom’s lemon bars and bakes them to this day. 

Large display case of bakery items

Tammy has also developed her own techniques for baking cookies—particularly chocolate chip cookies and coconut macaroons, which earned her hearty praise from recent customers. “These ladies were in the coffee shop right next to me,” she recounts. “They bought the macaroons, went to a coffee shop, and came back. They had eaten the four cookies–two of them before they had barely sipped their coffee. And they said, ‘How do you make these? We’re bakers, and we can’t make these.’ ‘Well,’ I said, ‘I have some secrets’.”

Building a business with Clover

On top of her baking expertise, Tammy has years of experience in business operations. She used to own a tax business, and she currently works full time in bookkeeping and administration at a machine shop. 

Letterboard bakery menus hanging on interior walls

This experience has given her a good base of knowledge on which to build C&T. She even plans to integrate her Clover POS system with QuickBooks soon. Clover integrates seamlessly with many of the most popular business tools available–including QuickBooks. 

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The one thing Tammy is missing is counter space. She still bakes all of her wares at home and transports them to The Common Ground. One of her short-term goals is to work out an arrangement where she can use commercial kitchen equipment at The Common Ground.

Assorted sweets in decorative, round display shelving

In the meantime, Tammy is working her full-time job and baking before and after work, then selling her treats at the bakery on weekends. Long term, she would love to make C&T her full-time job and hire employees.

Interior of C&T Assorted Sweets

As C&T Assorted Sweets grows, Tammy feels supported by Clover’s easy-to-navigate interface and flexible payment options. She currently uses the Station Duo, a top-of-the-line dual-screen POS system. When she branches into offsite catering events, such as weddings, she takes her Clover Flex handheld device or Clover Go card reader along. 

“I’m happy with the [Clover] system,” Tammy says. “It’s really user friendly. It’s been really good in my bakery.”

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