6 awesome apps for small business retailers

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Local retailers are invaluable to their communities. Offering a range of goods from household necessities to unique treasures shoppers are thrilled to find, local retailers have the ability to create unique experiences that keep customers coming back.

What’s more, local shoppers often come to know what they can expect from local stores and find satisfaction in supporting local retailers. If there’s one thing small business retailers know about success, it’s this: happy customers usually return for more–and pass the word along.

Clover makes it easy for local retailers like you to run their businesses and keep customers happy. From tracking inventory to rewarding loyal customers, Clover’s suite of apps lessens the load of operating a business, so merchants can focus on what matters most to them.

Here are 6 apps that you as a local merchant need right now to boost business productivity and customer satisfaction.

1. Thrive Inventory

Thrive Inventory by Shopventory is designed to help you track and manage inventory quickly and easily. It even enables retailers to track profitability of products, so you can see what’s selling or what isn’t. With this app at-hand, you’ll be able to easily identify the items your customers love most and eliminate stock that’s merely taking up shelf space.

2. Loyal Patron

Loyal Patron is perfect for marketing your goods, rewarding loyal customers, and attracting new customers. There’s no need to fret if you don’t have a huge marketing budget–this app can help you quickly set up marketing lists and even supports campaign automation. Further, this app allows you to categorize customers as VIP as well as reward them when they refer new customers to you.

3. Time Clock

Time Clock reduces time needed to make schedules, track employee hours, and run payroll. This even app lets you instantly send schedules and shift changes to your team from anywhere. With an integrated payroll feature, it also lets you calculate paychecks, file payroll taxes, and send payments to your employees.

4. Easy Labels

Easy Labels keeps shopping enjoyable and efficient for customers. Waiting in slow-moving retail lines is no fun. By allowing you to automatically generate and print barcodes for your products, Easy Labels can help you make the checkout process quicker and more efficient. Labels come in multiple sizes, so they fit just about any products from jewelry to large wall art.

5. Sell Online

Sell Online by Ecwid helps you meet customers where they are–in store and online. Foot traffic is the bread and butter for many retailers, but the past couple of years have taught us an online presence can mean the difference between survival and not. Sell Online helps you take your business online in just a few simple steps, whether you need a whole new website or just need to add an online store to your existing website.

6. Pointy

Pointy is a great way to let customers know what products you offer in store before they visit. This app lets you scan your product barcodes so that when people run a Google search for specific items, your products show up in search results as available in store. That means you can compete with bigger retailers with big ad budgets. And, customers will love being able to come to your store, knowing the exact product they want is there.  

Be sure to check out the Clover App Market for even more apps to help you grow and manage your retail business.

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