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While many students are looking forward to spring vacation, small business owners get no such break. It’s been a long winter, and though spring feels a ways off, we’ve got some new Clover features to brighten your day. New Dashboard features and a Virtual Terminal upgrade from Clover may just be the boost you need to get through the month in lieu of a trip to Cancun. Take the time to explore these two new Clover feature upgrades.

Virtual Terminal 2.0

Virtual Terminal is a feature that many Clover merchants already know and love. This quarter, we’ve given Virtual Terminal an update.

For those unfamiliar with Clover Virtual Terminal, this tool allows merchants to enter order and payment information when they are away from their Clover device. Perhaps you’re at your computer, away from your Clover devices, and need to process a transaction. Or, you’re dealing with a frustrated customer on the phone and need to make a refund. Maybe you just want to take orders from the top of a mountain, a farmers market, or your high school reunion.

Now, Clover Virtual Terminal is available to all Clover merchants, regardless of your plan type. There are no monthly fees, and transactions are processed at the card-not-present rate. Take care of customers from any web platform: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Process refunds, send digital receipts, and maintain the high level of data security that Clover values.

The only question is: where will you start accepting payments? The options are virtually limitless.

Note: at the time of publishing, Virtual Terminal is not available for Wells Fargo banking customers.

The New Clover Dashboard

Virtual Terminal isn’t the only thing getting an upgrade. The new Dashboard has launched, giving small business owners a clear snapshot of all their important data with easy navigation.

The new Dashboard design highlights key metrics at a glance, with simple navigation optimized for mobile viewing. Get quick feedback on stats like net revenue, today’s key numbers, or hourly net revenue. A new header simplifies switching between accounts, customizing your settings, and finding support information. Easily customize your view with apps from the Clover App Market. Manage employees, inventory, and merchant settings in one smooth experience.

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