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12 reasons to sing the praises of Clover Online Ordering

Editorial Team

2 min read
Holding a Clover Flex with a green overlay

In the twelfth month of 2020, my Clover® said to me… I’ve got twelve reasons why your business should use Clover Online Ordering, so come sing a POS song with me!


TWELVE drummers drumming about the easy setup
that creates your online ordering menu in less than 20 minutes

ELEVEN pipers piping about the peace of mind
you have with Clover POS, so reliable and strong

TEN lords a-leaping with joy
about no set-up, subscription, or incremental transaction fees

NINE ladies dancing in a dining environment made safer and pleasant
by contactless ordering and payment

EIGHT maids a-milking all the new revenue streams
from online ordering services you may have never had before

SEVEN swans a-swimming
in a fully integrated Clover ocean where everything works so well together

SIX geese a-laying golden online ordering eggs
to help grow your business and customer base every day

FIVE golden onion rings in the online menus
we set up for you from the Clover Dashboard 

FOUR calling birds calling all your customers about all the dining options:
take-out, curbside pickup, and dine-in, because who wants to dine the same way every day?

THREE French hens all a-flutter about our three online ordering services:
Clover web ordering, the Clover app, and the Ordering.app from Google®–so your customers can discover you everywhere

TWO turtle doves signing up for Clover Online Ordering
Wait, are you using another service? Well two’s better than one if you want more orders and revenue!

ONE Clover Online Ordering hub in a pear tree
to help you manage all your online ordering services

Will your Clover POS truly sing this holiday? Check out COLO and find out!
You can download the COLO eBook, too.

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