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Like many business owners, you probably work crazy hours. While working harder is not an option, you can work smarter.

The problem is, “smarter” means tossing out old systems and software for something better. Who has time to figure it all out?

With Clover apps, upgrading is so easy you’ll wonder how you functioned without them. Here are 11 of the most popular apps for simplifying tasks and shaving hours off your workweek. 

Manage people, and let Clover apps manage the paperwork.

Hands-down, Time Clock by Homebase wins for most downloads. And for good reason: this free app reduces the hassle of managing people.

Time Clock handles critical tasks such as clocking employees in and out, tracking cash and credit card tips, generating payroll-ready timesheets, scheduling staff, managing time-off requests and shift trades—even sending people reminders an hour before their shift begins.

Eliminating busywork lets you focus on the big picture: stellar service and happy customers.

Use data to make sound decisions, fast.

You’ve heard about dashboards and analytics. But did you know that with the right app they’re remarkably easy to set up and use?

Insights is a favorite with small business owners. Functional and free, the app puts visual updates about how you’re doing and how you compare to competitors on your computer, smartphone, or Clover.

Charts and graphs pinpoint top-selling products and revenue-generators, ticket sizes, number of new and returning customers, and sales over time. The app even lets you peek at competitors’ data, with neighborhood stats that show where people are spending and how your own sales stack up.

Want to dig deeper into your financial health? Stock Reporting gives you visual snapshots of key store or product data—quantity sold, revenue, cost, and profit—and tracks adjustments such as breakage or loss. For rich customer data, Insights Unlocked can deliver surprising answers.

Intuition is great, but only data gives you the hard facts you need to identify trends and opportunities, and run your business as effectively as possible.

Attract customers the easy way: branded gift cards.

Custom gift cards aren’t just for giants like Starbucks and Apple. Any small business can create a plastic or digital card—and quickly increase their sales and customers.

Consider these figures: according to a First Data report, 25% of gift card users made an unplanned purchase, 8% bought a more expensive version of what they planned to get, and 3% purchased from a store they don’t normally frequent.

The Clover Gift Cards app is a popular solution for producing and managing your own branded card. The company creates a card with your logo, while the app lets you add money to cards, redeem them, track usage on-screen, and more.

Put paper ordering on autopilot.

Has this preventable headache ever happened to you? The supply stores are long closed, but you’ve run out of receipt paper!

In just three swift clicks, Order Paper lets you purchase inexpensive paper rolls for any of your Clovers, shipped free to your business. For convenience, this simple app delivers big.

Tackle the reservation chaos once and for all.

Managing crowds is easier when you have an app that does it all—make reservations, see who’s waiting, estimate how long the wait will be, send texts to customers when it’s their turn, even let people check their waitlist status online. Waitlist Me manages the madness, so you can relax. 

Get instant updates of customer reviews.

Negative buzz on social media is a killer—literally. Thrive helps you stay on top of Yelp reviews, Facebook and Instagram likes, MailChimp campaigns, and more. The app gathers real-time information into a single area on your screen. Knowledge is power!

Use pre-written job descriptions.

Laboring on job descriptions, application forms, or performance reviews is the last thing small business owners want to do. HR Resources does the heavy lifting for them. With airtight descriptions of common jobs, and the latest HR forms and manuals, this popular app makes hiring and managing simple and safe.

Make it easy for customers to reach you.

Use customer receipts to gather information about what people love (or not) about your business. Feedback prints a link to your private feedback form. The responses funnel into your Clover, giving you a quick rundown of what’s working and what needs fixing.

Small business owners are notoriously hardworking. But being stretched too thin, without enough hours in the day, wears everybody down. Let the Clover App Marketplace help you streamline and simplify.

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