5 ways Clover POS systems support medical businesses

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With over 99% of all businesses having 500 employees or fewer, small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. What’s more, small businesses specializing in medical services and products—from dermatology clinics and massage therapists to mobility equipment sales—have become more prominent throughout the medical sector.

Despite the growth, medical businesses face fierce competition from larger corporations for resources, talent, and patients. To stay competitive, they must maintain efficient operations, effective management tools, and a focus on patient satisfaction. 

Clover offers essential healthcare POS systems and solutions that can help boost business, streamline operations, and keep clients and patients engaged. Check out five ways a Clover POS can help your medical business.

1. Streamline employee management and scheduling

Managing employee schedules and appointment bookings can be a complex and time-consuming task for medical business owners. Clover’s POS system and App Market provide robust tools to help simplify these processes. 

For example, Bret Wojciak of Mountain Medicine Integrative Wellness Center in Flagstaff, AZ, relies on Clover and third-party apps to efficiently manage his diverse team of practitioners. The system enables scheduling, payment processing, billing, claims, and insurance, allowing practitioners to focus solely on patient care. 

“All our practitioners work as independent contractors, so we set up the system to include commission,” Wojciak explains. “Whatever services they provide, we add commission off of that. We handle all the back-end logistics for them, so that they’re able to come in and not have to worry about anything else aside from taking care of their patients.”

Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez of Physical Therapy of Milwaukee in Wisconsin benefits from Clover’s integration with third-party scheduling app Homebase, ensuring seamless scheduling and time tracking for her team.

“My employees love clocking in and out on the Clover [device] and getting their schedule on their phone via text,” Dr. Ramirez shares. “Before we had Clover, I was making the schedule by hand, and having my employees clock in and out by hand. It was ‘scout’s honor’–so to speak–if they were being truthful about what time they got in and what time they left.” She adds, “It’s so easy and efficient to implement Clover into our daily operations.”

2. Deepen patient relationships

Understanding patient needs and delivering personalized care are crucial for building strong patient relationships and loyalty. Clover Customer Engagement provides medical businesses with an all-in-one platform to store client information—like the treatment history or preferred practitioner—collect private feedback, and send rewards and promotions. 

For Dr. Ramirez, patient-centered care is more than good business practice; it’s the reason she became a physical therapist in the first place.

“Growing up as a Hispanic woman, I saw the disparities in health care that not only prevented access, but also sowed distrust in the healthcare system,” shares. Dr. Ramirez. “So, I really looked for providers, vendors, and other local businesses that provided top-notch services, so that we could pass that service along to our patients. Clover was one of those companies that was easy to implement into our practice because they hold our same values and mission, and they have helped us grow.”

3. Manage business anywhere

Clover’s flexible POS system empowers medical business owners to manage their operations from anywhere. Emem Obot, owner of Elite Practitioner in Chicago, IL, uses Clover for all of her client processing ever since receiving a Fiserv Back2Business Grant in 2021.

Obot, a nurse practitioner, provides care both at her clinic and offsite.

“When I’m at the clinic, I use my Clover Flex to process payments and print receipts,” Obot shares, “which gives me the ability to take it from room to room.”

If she’s working offsite, say, at a corporate event, Obot sends an invoice through Clover to provide a quote for her services.

“Usually, I’ll send an invoice before the event to give an estimate based on the numbers they’ve told me in advance,” explains Obot. “But if I show up, and there’s an extra ten people, I have the option of changing my price. I appreciate the flexibility of using Clover’s invoicing platform to provide a quote, and then I can use the Flex to close out once they’ve received services.”

4. Protect patient’s privacy

For medical businesses like Elite Practitioner, there’s another crucial factor: maintaining data security. 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires medical practices to safeguard and protect the privacy, security, and confidentiality of individuals’ personal health information (PHI), including electronic personal health information (ePHI)

“Obviously, I needed a HIPAA-compliant POS system,” Obot stresses. 

Clover continuously works on improving privacy and compliance with standards by introducing features to better protect the privacy of our healthcare merchants under HIPAA.

“Our EMR software allows patients to view their medical records and book appointments,“ she explains, “and we needed a POS partner that could sync with our EMR while protecting our patient’s privacy.”

5. Complement office aesthetics

Clover’s fresh and modern design makes it an excellent POS for medical offices. Ildikó Juhasz, CEO and Director of Cosmetic Medicine at Derm.ca in Calgary, AB, chose Clover for its appealing aesthetics that align with the clinic’s atmosphere. 

“I really liked how sleek Clover looked. As someone who works in cosmetics, aesthetics are important, and everything has to look good in our waiting room. Beyond that,” Juhasz continues, “the software is really good, and it’s given our practice more flexibility than my previous provider. It was a no-brainer for us to go with Clover.”

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, owner of Kore Regenerative Medicine in Golden, CO, also emphasizes the importance of Clover’s visually pleasing interface in maintaining the professional image of her medical practice.

“I like the way Clover looks,” Quinn stresses. “I have a high-end, modern medical practice. So, I don’t want something that’s like a dial-up system and just doesn’t look good, right?”

Learn more about how Clover can help provide a POS system for your medical office or business.


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