3 ways a team management tool can boost your business

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Homebase interfaces on laptop and phone

Running a business requires a lot of time and energy–much of which goes to managing your employees. Using a smart, all-in-one tool like Homebase can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with team management by taking tasks off your plate and freeing up space in your day to focus on growing your business.

From high-tech time clocks to simple scheduling, let’s dive into three reasons team management tools are always a good idea. 

Smarter time clocks save on labor costs

Relying on a spreadsheet or old-fashioned punch clock to track work hours for every employee leaves a lot of room for unnecessary labor costs to slip through the cracks. The Homebase time clock reduces that leakage by preventing time theft and much more. 

With the free Homebase Time Clock app, employees can use their personalized PIN to clock in from Clover (or from any mobile device). You can even set up GPS capabilities if they are working in a remote location, so they don’t have to waste time showing up to headquarters to start their shift. 

Got a problem with buddy punching? Not with Homebase. The app takes a photo of each employee as they clock in, so you always know it’s the right person. 

Homebase also keeps your labor costs in check by keeping track of when an employee is about to reach overtime. When it happens, you’ll get an alert, so you can make even smarter scheduling decisions. 

Technology takes the stress out of scheduling 

A smarter scheduling strategy makes everyone happier–you save time, and your team appreciates being in sync. 

Homebase optimizes your scheduling process with templates and auto-scheduling, so you don’t have to spend hours doing it manually yourself. You can easily track availability and time-off requests to avoid any conflicts–and even build schedules in line with your sales forecasts and labor targets. 

Once your perfect schedule is built, Homebase alerts your team immediately, so they’re up to speed on their upcoming shifts as soon as possible. Then, you can confirm the scheduled employees have seen it, putting everyone on the same page. 

High-tech tools help keep you compliant 

As a business owner, the stress of staying compliant with federal and state labor laws has probably kept you up at night a time or two. Homebase helps take the legal legwork out of team management in more ways than one. 

The time clock accurately tracks hours and sets up your break and overtime rules to comply with federal, state, and city labor laws. The FLSA also requires you to keep certain employee records for allotted periods of time. Homebase takes care of this for you by storing them securely right in Homebase. 

Speaking of records, Homebase sends every new hire a welcome packet with all the necessary forms before their first day. After they e-sign the paperwork, we’ll store them along with the rest of your files right in your dashboard.  

You can use this dashboard to manage employee information, track certifications, and even get alerts when those certifications expire. And if a labor law is changing in your area, don’t worry. Homebase is designed to let you know. 

There are more than three reasons why a team management tool like Homebase. You can discover them all by launching Time Clock on the left side of your Clover web dashboard. 

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