The power of inventory management: 3 ways restaurant owners are saving money with MarketMan

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Running a restaurant is a fickle business: If everything doesn’t run perfectly, things can go badly, quickly. Restaurant owners have a lot on their plate. Having the right solutions in place is vital for the success of their business.

From keeping track of inventory to automated ordering from your suppliers and increasing profitability, here’s how MarketMan can make your life easier.

Real time inventory management

From over-ordering food and supplies to under-ordering and then scrambling to find a replacement, it’s challenging to keep track of your restaurant’s inventory. And it’s easy to waste money on inventory.

If you’re busy running your restaurant, you might not have time to check your inventory levels constantly. Thankfully, with cloud technology, you can run inventory counts whenever and wherever you like, regardless of device. MarketMan provides inventory management tools that allow you to easily track waste, theft, and determine inventory quantity and value in real-time.

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Data-driven approach to profitability

Having instant access to information about your business is crucial to running a successful restaurant. MarketMan is packed with advanced reporting tools that help you to see how your sales, expenses, and menu items affect profitability. 

Getting a complete price breakdown for each dish on your restaurant’s menu will help you better manage food costs so that you can increase revenue while maintaining margins.

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Automated supplier management that scales

Automating ordering from your current suppliers with MarketMan can save you hundreds of hours. Reduce labor costs & avoid hectic phone calls, emails, and manual data entry. Be in control and set hassle-free purchasing budgets, delivery days, cut-off times, order reminders, and purchasing limits.

What’s more, MarketMan’s streamlined restaurant invoice scanning solution can help you easily upload and securely store your invoices and receipts in one place–and avoid bookkeeping nightmares. Being able to see exactly what payments are due and when can also help you avoid missed payments or going over your monthly purchasing budget.

Whether you own a single cafe or a chain of full-service restaurants, the right inventory management software can help increase profitability, lower COGS (cost of goods sold), and streamline your back-of-house operations.

Schedule a demo with MarketMan’s team to learn more about the platform. And be sure to check out more info about a Clover POS system if you don’t already have one.

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