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Mike & Judith Able

The journey back from the economic effects of COVID-19 has been a long road for many small businesses. On Thursday, September 17, SVP and Global Head of Business Continuity Jim Kelly, Master of Ceremonies Shane Caldwell, VP of Business Development for Global Business Solutions, and a host of civic and academic dignitaries, presented a Back2Business grant to Swirl Wine Bistro co-owners Judith and Mike Able.

Swirl Wine Bistro cooks up a cross-cultural experience in South Florida

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Head Chef Judith enjoys crafting dishes inspired by the flavors and ingredients of her homeland of Jamaica. While honoring the traditional recipes of the Caribbean, Swirl Wine Bistro adds a unique fusion of American and European cuisine.

Together, Judith and Mike have created a warm and inviting atmosphere for their customers to enjoy. From uncomplicated to elegant, fanciful to classical, their truly one-of-a-kind fare appeals to a wide audience of diners in the Coral Springs area.

Taking on COVID-19 together & staying connected with their customers

As COVID-19 continues to keep customers and their favorite businesses apart, Swirl Wine Bistro has found a way to build new relationships with their patrons.

Throughout the pandemic, Mike and Judith have gone virtual and increased their online presence with new specials featured on their website and have utilized their social media platforms to keep customers up to date on restaurant happenings. They even started a monthly newsletter to help stay connected with their loyal followers and make sure they have the latest updates on menu specials and new offerings.

While COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Swirl Wine Bistro’s sales revenue, loss of staff and resulted in a stack of overdue invoices, Mike and Judith are working together to overcome their setbacks.

“The Back2Business recovery grant from Fiserv will enable us to bring back staff and purchase personal protective equipment supplies to keep Swirl Wine Bistro open for our customers and our community,” said chef extraordinaire Judith.

We’re committed to helping small businesses like Swirl Wine Bistro get back on their feet while continuing to serve their community with delightful and innovative dishes.

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