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Hyacinth Jones of Achsah's Jamaican Restaurant

For businesses across the U.S., COVID-19 has had a major impact on operations and relationships with customers. On Thursday, September 17, SVP and Global Head of Business Continuity Jim Kelly, Master of Ceremonies Shane Caldwell, VP of Business Development for Global Business Solutions, along with a host of civic and academic dignitaries, presented Hyacinth Jones, owner of Achsah’s Jamaican Restaurant, with a Back2Business grant equipping her with financial support, business consulting services and leading technology solutions from Clover.

Keeping the cultural footprint alive

Serving as a staple among the area’s Caribbean community, Achsah’s Jamaican Restaurant is a place where customers can experience a warm, family-friendly Island vibe. As owner and head chef of Achsah’s, Hyacinth has created a destination restaurant that embodies the spirit of togetherness and produces authentic savory and spicy Jamaican fare, as well as sweet treats from her bakery.

In addition to the good eats and atmosphere, Achsah’s Jamaican Restaurant plays a vital role in the local community and low-income residents with access to affordable, delicious, and nutritious meals and specialty desserts.

Bouncing back from COVID-19 closures

Like many small minority-owned restaurants in the area, Hyacinth was forced to close her restaurant March and April, causing her to fall behind on rent payments and lay off 10 employees. Ever committed to helping the people of her community, Hyacinth donated the restaurant’s remaining food supplies before the closure rather than toss out valuable goods.

Through those tough months, Hyacinth was committed to staying in touch with her customers and community. She regularly updated social media accounts with the latest news and spoke on local radio about the challenges she faced and her optimism about re-opening the restaurant.

Achsah’s re-opened in May, but without the support of its former employees. The funding and support the restaurant received from the Back2Business grant will play a key role in helping Achsah’s Jamaican Restaurant get back up and running again, including rehiring staff.

“This grant and the resources will help us accomplish so many things. It will help me pay rent, avoid eviction, bring back my employees and relaunch our $2 meal days, which are vital to many of our low-income families,” said Hyacinth. “This grant will help keep our cultural footprint in this community.”

The grant for Achsah’s Jamaican Restaurant was given in honor of Danae “Danny” Dunkley, a beloved Fiserv associate and ardent advocate of the Fiserv Cares Grant Fund. Danny recently lost her life-long health battle, but her warrior spirit will be forever remembered with this grant.

We’re committed to helping small businesses like Achsah’s Jamaican Restaurant move from ‘survive to thrive,’ while continuing to serve their community.

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