Now you can accept PayPal and Venmo in-store via your Clover device!

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PayPal payment with Clover Mini

Now, you can accept more payment types on your Clover device, giving your customers payment choice and more ways to pay. We’re excited to work with PayPal and Venmo to give merchants a way to accept payments via QR code directly from your Clover devices. It’s fast, easy and a preferred way to pay by some of the millions of PayPal and Venmo users. (Merchants will love it, too.)


How will PayPal and Venmo work on your Clover device? This video demonstrates how simple it is to accept these payment options by generating unique, secure QR codes right on your Clover POS.

In a few taps, merchants can ring up a sale, select payment type, and generate a unique QR code. From there it’s easy for your customers to pay with PayPal or Venmo. Customers simply:

Directions to make PayPal payment with Clover

It’s fast, simple, and completely contactless.

Help expand your audience reach by tapping into PayPal’s growing network of almost 400M global users. Venmo (which is part of PayPal) is used by almost 70M users in the United States and ranks as the number-one most desired feature by consumers1, in part for its ease-of-use and its social sharing aspect. Tap into Venmo’s highly engaged user base who have the option of sharing purchases with their network and get discovered.

By empowering your business to accept these forms of payment, Clover is making it easier than ever to help capture sales and provide an amazing customer experience.

Excited about this new feature? So are we. Keep an eye on your Clover POS: QR codes for PayPal and Venmo will soon be enabled automatically; no set-up required*. We’ll send you a notification when this latest feature is good to go and mail you in-store signage so you can show your customers you now accept PayPal and Venmo. Stay tuned!

1Focus Vision, Commissioned by PayPal. October 2020.Includes 2,217 Venmo customers’ financial habits, purchasing behaviors and perceptions of Venmo as a payment tool”

*Not available on all devices. If eligible, your Clover device will be automatically enabled.

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