Meet the Merchant Photography Guide

Editorial Team

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Big Mama's Kitchen & Catering, Gladys Harrison, Omaha, NE

We’re thrilled you’re participating in a Meet the Merchant interview!


Now, we’d like a few photographs of you and your business to include in your article and help promote it. Be sure to refer to this guide as you prepare and submit your photos.

We’d like …

  • 1-2 clear photos of you alone in landscape mode and taken by someone else–selfies don’t work.
  • 2-4 pics of your business in action, your product, and/or your space. It’d be great if you could include 1 pic of you or someone at your business with your Clover device.

Your photos should be …

  • At least 1400 x 800 pixels and 140KB–bigger is even better. What’s more, most smartphones can handle taking photos of this size.
  • Taken by someone else–selfies don’t work.
  • Taken in natural light, if possible. Otherwise, have warm light directed towards you, not towards the camera lens. Be sure to check the photo settings, turn off the flash, and save the photo as the largest file you can. 

Submit your photos …

  • To Or, if you prefer, you can request a private link to a Google folder where you can upload your images.
  • Within a week of your interview.

Check out these examples

Peruse these merchant photos to learn more about what we’re looking for. And, be sure to check out these tips on how and why your business needs great photos.

Business Owner Photos

Holy Rolly Charleston
  • Focuses on the business owner against a simple background
  • Taken outside, in natural light
  • Landscape orientation–not portrait orientation and not a selfie
  • Taken by another person, perhaps a professional photographer
  • Captures the business owner and the business
  • Taken inside in warm lighting–looks natural!
  • Landscape orientation
  • Taken by another person, perhaps a professional photographer
  • Although taken inside, the lighting is warm
  • Showcases the business owner and her business (and her fun personality!)
  • Taken by another person, perhaps a professional photographer

Business and Product Photos

Daisy’s Doghouse
  • Shows the business owner in her business–with a Clover device
  • Landscape orientation
  • Taken by another person
Kouign Cafe
  • Showcases the product (delish!)
  • Taken by a photographer
Found Coffee
  • Showcases the shop in warm, natural lighting
  • Landscape orientation
  • Taken by a photographer