Make online orders with delivery simple with this Clover-Grubhub solution

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that being able to offer take-out and delivery can mean the difference between staying open and having to close — sometimes for good.

So if you’re struggling to figure out how to make online orders and delivery work for your business, never fear. We’re on it!

Grubhub, meet our Clover merchants

We’re thrilled to announce that starting now, Clover merchants can offer delivery through Grubhub that is integrated into their Clover system for easy order management. 

Grubhub integrated into Clover is our first Online Ordering with Delivery solution that enables merchants to offer customers online orders with delivery. And, it’s simple to use. Your customers simply place orders in the Grubhub app, you manage the order in your Clover system, and orders are delivered by Grubhub drivers. 

5 reasons you need it

Thinking it may be more than you need? Think again. Peruse five reasons just about every restaurant could use Clover’s newest Grubhub feature.

  1. Online ordering the way customers want it. With Grubhub, you can offer your customers online ordering any way they want it: takeout, pickup, dine-in, or delivery. It’s easy to set up and fully integrated into Clover.
  2. More orders mean more revenue. With this Grubhub integration, you’re also tapping into Grubhub’s 31M+ customer pool. That could mean more online orders volume and more revenue.
  3. Streamlined order processing. The Clover-Grubhub integration streamlines order processing and reporting. Now, you only need one device for your inventory, order processing, and reporting–no separate Grubhub tablets to manage.
  4. Automatic menu sync. Grubhub automatically syncs your Grubhub menu with your Clover online ordering menu when you update your inventory. Buh-bye, manual menu updates!
  5. No additional marketing required. With this Clover-Grubhub solution, you can offer your customers a product they want with little to no additional marketing dollars–or time–required of you or your staff. 

How it works in 5 easy steps

Getting started with Grubhub is a snap. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you sign up for Grubhub in the Clover Dashboard. Grubhub is then integrated into your Clover POS.
  2. Your online menu is created. Grubhub creates the online menu from your Clover inventory and places your restaurant’s online menu on the Grubhub app
  3. Customers find your restaurant in the Grubhub app, place an order, and pay for it right from the app.
  4. The order is fired to your kitchen and your Clover devices. Your kitchen staff prepares the food. And, they can manage the entire order within Clover.
  5. A Grubhub driver picks up the order and delivers it to your customer.

It’s that easy!

Already using Grubhub?

No worries. If you’re already using Grubhub, you can simply go into your Clover Dashboard to request that your Grubhub account be integrated into Clover. 

That means, you save time by managing orders directly through your Clover device–no need for a separate Grubhub tablet. 

And, the ordering process is centralized. That means, Grubhub fires customer orders directly to your kitchen, your kitchen preps the order, and a Grubhub driver picks it up for delivery. What’s more, all menus integrated into Clover–including Grubhub menus–are updated automatically when you make changes in your Clover inventory. Even better, Grubhub orders are also included in your reports.

We’re excited to be able to offer this Clover-Grubhub solution to make online orders with delivery a simple process for Clover merchants. And, we plan to offer even more Online Ordering with Delivery Solutions later in 2021.

Learn more about this Clover-Grubhub solution. And, if you have questions, be sure to watch this video, check out the Clover Help Center, or peruse this helpful information on Grubhub.

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