Dads, grads, and gift cards

Editorial Team

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Collage of Clover merchants who use gift cards to build business

This is the time of year when most people are struggling to decide what gifts they should get for two of the more difficult demographics to shop for: Dads and Grads.


Many people turn to gift cards when considering gifts for fathers (who tend to have everything they want already) and new graduates (who often just want cash). 

With graduation season upon us and Father’s Day just around the corner, this is a great time for your business to jump-start your gift card program, or, if you already offer them, to make sure you’re marketing them strategically. 

Read about 7 Clover merchants who’ve used gift cards to help boost sales and name recognition for their businesses. 

French Press Bakery & Cafe

Jay Spencer, owner of French Press Bakery & Cafe in Needham, Massachusetts offers incredible french pastries, light lunches, and delicious coffee. He offers gift cards to loyal customers (who would sometimes come into the cafe twice a day pre-pandemic) making it easier for them to spread the word to new customers. He also appreciates how easy it is to launch a gift card program through the Clover app market.

Daisy’s Doghouse

Lisa Samar owns Daisy’s Doghouse, a boutique-style shop in Buffalo, NY, that offers a neighborly atmosphere for furry friends and their owners. Samar says she only stocks high-quality items that she would use herself or give as a gift. Because pet items are very personal, she makes sure to offer gift cards, so customers can treat their friends to a nice treat even if they don’t know what to buy. 

72 West

Steve and Jill Mitchael use gift cards to engage customers who might otherwise not spend money at their eclectic antique and one-of-a-kind gift store, 72 West. Because they offer unique and personal goods, 72 West likes to keep gift cards at the ready for customers who may be unsure what to buy for a spouse, friend, or loved one. 

511 Rose 

Terri Grady is co-owner of 511 Rose, a restaurant and bar where patrons can enjoy live music and shop their eclectic collection of unique home decor and antiques. Because they sell almost everything in the building, the Gradys know that offering gift cards gives new customers a ton of opportunities to find a part of their business to enjoy and return to. 

Revolution Bakery

Owned by Dionne Christian, Revolution Bakery in Santa Fe, NM, sells delectable gluten-free bread and pastries. The bakery has a dedicated base of health conscious customers and has used word of mouth to grow its brand locally. Now, they’re expanding their customer base by offering physical gift cards for locals to use in-store and digital gift cards that can be redeemed online.

Curious Plantaholic

Curious Plantaholic, owned by Jennifer and Brandt DeLorenzo, offers a 10% discount on another item if a customer buys a gift card, incenting fans of their plant store to buy something for themselves, too. That way, they’ve been able to boost their plant sales and sell more gift cards!

Hair Studio 18 

Kat Jones, the owner of Hair Studio 18, discovered a creative way to use gift cards to help keep her business afloat during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. She used gift cards to allow customers to pre-pay for services they or their friends and family could use when the hair salon re-opened.

See for yourself how Clover helps businesses jump start their gift card programs–and how it could help yours.