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Home & field services

How to effectively manage employees in your landscaping business using your POS system

Learn how POS field service management software for small businesses can transform your landscaping business and help save you valuable

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

7 ways to attract more tourists & business travelers to your restaurant

Travelers can be dreamy restaurant customers. Generally, they’re curious about your food and region, grateful for a place to rest


How to start and grow a successful home service business

From plumbing and electrical work to landscaping and interior design, home service businesses thrive on delivering exceptional work to their

Clover app partners

Why a barcode scanner is an inventory tool you can’t live without

Barcodes are one of the most essential pieces of technology for small businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses only use them during

By state

How to open a restaurant in California

Home to stunning sunsets, sandy beaches, and snow-peaked mountains, California also boasts an incredibly diverse and immaculate food scene, featuring

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to choose a restaurant marketing agency

Today, most people don’t find restaurants by driving by or through a friend. Often, people find places to eat online.


10 essential pieces of equipment salons need for opening day

When it comes to the business of beauty, operating a salon requires more than expertise in hair design, curl patterns,

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

A guide to sales tax for food trucks

Are you looking to start a food truck but aren’t sure what taxes you need to pay? Or maybe you


Best practices for gift cards

A finely-tuned gift card program for small businesses can help them run big promotions just like national retailers and, in

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Back of house restaurant job descriptions and duties

From QSRs to fine dining venues, every restaurant depends on back-of-house team members to manage operations and prepare food that