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Low cost marketing ideas for small businesses with zero budget

For many small business owners, money is always top of mind among concerns for business growth. In a Q3 2023

Clover product news

3 ways real merchants use Clover Capital to help their businesses grow

As a small business owner, you have to be able to think on your feet. Conditions in your local market


5 must-watch trends in retail small businesses for 2024

Looking to get ahead of 2024 trends in retail? This concise guide can help you get a jumpstart on the

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

How to manage restaurant staff effectively

In the restaurant industry, the quality of employee management can make or break business success. The cost of restaurant employee

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Simplified profitability analysis: Quickly boost your bottom line

Help improve profits by discovering which products are boosting your bottom line and which might be holding you back. With

Customer service

How you can use QR code ordering to make your restaurant service more personal

During the pandemic, many restaurant owners scrambled to adopt QR code ordering for contactless service and deliveries. Now, you can

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Restaurant marketing strategies to grow your business

For restaurant professionals, there are many ways to grow your business, from bringing in a steadier flow of customers, to


How Clover POS supports nonprofits

Nonprofits occupy a unique entrepreneurial space. Handling money and payments, for example, can look a lot different for nonprofits than

Payments & processing

What is a card-not-present (CNP) transaction?

There’s never been a more optimal time to buy products, services, and merchandise online than right now. Gone are the