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Shaking hands with Clover POS owner

As Stephen Franklin of Atlanta’s DAS BBQ was hard at work putting the finishing touches on his new restaurant last week, little did he know he’d be the recipient of the 500,000th Clover sold.

That’s right – Clover just hit a major milestone with more than half a million devices shipped since the debut of the Clover Station back in 2014. Since then, the Clover portfolio has grown significantly, from the handheld Clover Mobile and the Clover Mini in 2015, to the all-in-one Clover Go, a Bluetooth-enabled reader that accepts EMV, mag stripe and NFC transactions in one sleek device just in time for the iPhone 7 launch this fall.

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Beyond those devices, First Data has also released the Clover Online Store, an all-in-one web solution for businesses accepting payments online, and the Clover App Market, which is at the heart of the Clover platform and has also grown considerably since 2014, as it now has more than 200 apps designed to streamline business operations.

“We’re proud to hit this important milestone – not only because it reflects the popularity of our Clover devices among business owners, but because it also represents the power of the Clover platform,” said Dan Charron, EVP of Global Business Solutions at First Data. “Through our open platform, we are making it possible for business owners to customize their point-of-sale device to go far beyond simply accepting payments, to playing a critical role in daily operations.”

Stephen’s new restaurant will feature several Clover devices, including Clover Stations, Clover Mobiles and the recently-debuted All-in-One Clover Go. The Clover devices will help keep traffic moving through the main dining room of the restaurant, as well as at the takeaway window. Stephen plans to use Clover Mobiles to ‘line bust’ and is also considering adopting order display screens for their kitchen.

The opening of the restaurant is a big change for Stephen, who until recently worked in the corporate world and is settling into his new life as a small business owner. With his partners, he is committed to creating a special experience for customers by sharing his passion for the tradition of barbecue.

For Stephen, BBQ has always been a part of his DNA. His mother is from Texas and his father is from Georgia, so it comes as no surprise that Stephen will serve pork and beef barbecue in both southern and Texan styles at his restaurant. According to Stephen, the key to great BBQ is wood smoke–he even sources pecan bark from his family’s farm in Central Georgia.

“We are excited to be the 500,000th Clover customer and can’t wait to use the devices,” said Stephen. “One of the reasons we decided on Clover is because we know it can grow with us, and that it can save my time in managing the business, freeing me up to do what I do best: great BBQ!”

Stephen and his partners have their eyes on growing the business well beyond the location that just opened, moving into catering and opening other locations. As DAS BBQ grows, Clover will continue to grow right alongside the business.

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