4 reasons you should list your business with Apple Maps

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If you run a small business, one of the most important jobs you will undertake is getting your business found. Searching for your business is one of the first steps potential customers will take before becoming actual paying customers, and it’s up to you to ensure that your business has a presence in all of the environments where people might be looking.

One key environment you’ll want to manage is Apple Maps. Here’s why.

1. Millions of people use Apple Maps

Using a search engine is far from the only way for online users to find your business. When you consider the number of people who use mobile devices to search for, find and physically navigate to brick-and-mortar businesses, you’ll recognize the importance of capitalizing on one of the biggest mobile user bases there is: Apple users.

Consider the fact that there are hundreds of millions of iOS devices currently in market. Apple Maps is the leading map search and navigation app across Apple devices by a factor of 3x, with more than 5 billion transactions per week. This represents a sizable potential volume of daily searches in your locality, making it imperative that your business is listed correctly on Apple Maps when people search. If someone asks Siri about your location, you want your business details to be available—and accurate.

2. Be proactive with technology

Automatically created listings sometimes need management and enhancement from the source that knows a business best: you.

Online listings and map data are pulled from a variety of places, including tax and registration data. But sometimes details can change. As a business, you’ll want to actively check and manage your listing to make sure that it’s up-to-date and complete (What are your business hours? Do you accept Apple Pay? etc.). A listing that is out-of-date, even if only for a couple of days, can mean missed opportunities to connect with potential customers and provide them with critical information that will encourage them to choose your business—and be able to easily get in contact with you.

3. With local listings, details matter

Yext, the listings syndication technology that Clover has partnered with to help businesses manage their Apple Maps and other online listings, conducted a study to determine whether a business’s approach to listings could make a difference for how much people engaged with that business. Yext compared listing engagement for businesses that included simple listing information (business name, address and contact only) with listing engagement for businesses that used rich listing data (including pictures, website links, accurate hours and special offers).

The more complete listings received both more listing views and more Yelp reviews. Yext calculated that, on average, adding business hours resulted in 1.84 times more listing views; including a logo resulted in 1.99 times more listing views; and adding a URL resulted in 2.14 times more listing views. Each additional view gives businesses a shot at also increasing their in-store traffic.

4. Clover makes it easy to enhance your Apple Maps listing with our new Yext integration

You can manage your Apple Maps listing online. You can also manage your Apple Maps listing at the same time you manage your business listings in dozens of other online locations through Clover Online’s new integration with Yext.

To manage your business listing, you’ll need to visit your Clover dashboard and click the Clover Online app. Next, select “Learn more” in the Clover Online listings module, and then select “Try it Free” to claim your 30-day trial.

Once you’re in the Clover Online listings module, select “Review” to view your business information screen, where you can make changes to key information about your business including the business name, description, category, logo, address, contact information and hours. You even have the option to display a featured message touting sales and special offers, and to input special holiday hours if they deviate from your main business hours.

In one step, you can ensure the optimal information is presented to anyone searching on Apple Maps for your business, and on more than 70 other online locations where your business is listed.

And while you’re in Clover Online, consider whether other features might be useful to your business. Clover Online also offers off-the-shelf small business websites featuring a variety of professionally designed themes, e-commerce capability, automatic mobile responsiveness and payment flexibility. To learn more about Clover Online, visit Clover.com.

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