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Self-ordering kiosks have taken the market by storm. In 2022, the global self-service kiosk market size was valued at USD 26.45 billion–it’s expected to reach USD 43.65 billion by 2028. Now’s the right time to consider adding one to your restaurant.

You’ve probably used a self-order kiosk yourself–whether for buying movie tickets or a cup of joe. They can offer improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and a better customer experience. And, restaurant kiosks are boosting business and amping up experiences for QSRs across the country. 

What is a self-ordering kiosk for restaurants?

A self-ordering kiosk is an interactive tablet or touchscreen device that allows guests to view a menu, make a selection, and pay independently–that is, without interacting with or needing the help of restaurant staff. A kiosk ordering system typically includes hardware (think a tablet or touchscreen device) and the software that makes that device run.

One of the most prominent early adopters of a restaurant kiosk system was Panera Bread. Now, more QSRs (quick service restaurants) are getting in on the kiosk action–think McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell, to name a few.

There’s a good reason for these franchises and for small businesses to introduce kiosks: customers like them. As this report found, 42% of diners have already used kiosks and more than a third of consumers said they’d like restaurants to make even more kiosks available. When asked why, 44% of consumers liked the no-rush order, 41% liked how easy it is to explore the menu, and 40% liked being able to view all the menu options. What’s more, a whopping 59% reported being surprised by discovering new items and customization options while using kiosks. It seems kiosks make customers happy, and happy customers can mean more revenue. 

7 benefits of kiosks in restaurants 

Whether you have an established restaurant or are setting up shop for the first time, a restaurant kiosk system can be a win-win for both QSRs and their customers. 

Here are 7 ways, for starters, a kiosk ordering system can help your restaurant and why you should consider introducing a kiosk as part of your POS system.

1. Larger average ticket value 

Self-service kiosks in restaurants offer diners more freedom and flexibility to browse the menu and customize their orders–and more cross-selling and upselling opportunities for restaurants. That can lead to 10-30% higher order values. Higher average ticket values can mean increased business revenue to boost your bottom line.

2. Streamlined operations 

A restaurant kiosk lets guests perform self-service activities independently. That frees up your staff to focus on other value-added tasks, like crafting standout food and beverages. And, since front-of-house tasks no longer need as much staff attention, restaurants can save money on labor costs.

3. Integrated workflow

Introducing a self-ordering kiosk doesn’t mean revamping your restaurant operations. On the contrary, kiosks are typically designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems–restaurant POS, kitchen display, and inventory management systems. That ensures menus and orders stay synced across all devices, boosting accuracy and efficiency. 

4. Improved customer experience

Great food and a great experience can keep your customers coming back. With the convenience of a restaurant kiosk, customers have even more opportunity to control and customize their orders and their experience. They can browse menus at their own pace, customize food just the way they want it, and order without having to wait in line or on an employee.

5. Increased order accuracy 

Miscommunication between customers and employees can lead to inaccurate orders, a key driver of customer dissatisfaction and increased restaurant costs. Self-order kiosks put customers in control of what’s ordered, removing potential employee mistakes when taking the order. That can amp up customer satisfaction and reduce food waste.

6. Modernized brand 

Each interaction you have with a customer is an opportunity to build your brand. That’s especially true with a restaurant kiosk system. A modern kiosk extends your brand digitally and demonstrates that your brand is customer-centric, technology-forward, and in touch with customers who value autonomy and digital solutions. 

7. Better insights and decisions

Adding a self-ordering kiosk to your POS system can give you access to invaluable data about each customer interaction with that kiosk–popular menu items, peak order times, and more. More importantly, that data serves up a picture that can help you make even better decisions for your menu, your customers, your staff, and your business. 

Woman paying for order at Clover Kiosk

Meet Clover Kiosk

Serving up efficiency to restaurants of all shapes and sizes, the Clover Kiosk enables faster, more efficient service by letting customers customize and place their own orders. It’s a complete kiosk solution that features an enterprise grade commercial display, a user-friendly design, versatile payment terminal, and even a built-in printer that uses standard receipt paper. What’s more, it integrates with back-of-house (BOH) operations.

Accessible and ready to use 

Offering a 24″ commercial touch screen with anti-fingerprint and anti-glare coating, screen magnification, and an 8″ payment terminal, the Clover Kiosk delivers an intuitive interface designed to provide a remarkable customer experience for all of your customers. The payment terminal has been designed to make selection and purchases even more accessible, with features like an adjustable floor stand, easy volume control, headphone jack and USB port for Assistive Technology devices, and more. And, the Clover Kiosk comes ready to go.

Easy set up with automatic syncing

The Clover Kiosk connects to and pulls your menu directly from your Clover POS system–that keeps all your menu items and pricing in sync. What’s more, orders show on your Kitchen Display System or print to your kitchen printer just like they were placed at the counter. And, you can easily turn categories, menu items, and even modifiers on and off with a web-based tool. You can even add your own promotions or specials to a content loop that runs when the kiosk is inactive.

Perfect for seasoned restaurants and a great ingredient for opening a new QSR, the Clover Kiosk is a low-touch solution that offers the possibility of an uptick in ticket values, customer experience, and operational efficiency. And it works seamlessly with your Clover quick-service POS

Reach out to a Clover Business Consultant to learn more about what a Clover POS and the Clover Kiosk can serve up for you, your staff, and your customers.

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