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We all scream for ice cream! Hot, sunny summer means the demand for ice cream treats is through the roof. There’s no better time to be in the ice cream business, especially in July as we celebrate National Ice Cream month.

July is the busiest production month for ice cream makers, according to the IDFA, and Clover is here to help you keep serving cups and cones all season long. Here’s how Clover can help you run your ice cream business without breaking a sweat.

1. Sell out before it melts

Ice cream melts quickly, and speed is key. Clover can help you keep the line moving with two fast, portable POS devices that allow you to take orders and process payments while customers queue for scoops. Clover Flex empowers you to accept payments and track sales all from the palm of your hand. And, Clover Mini is small enough to fit into any space, but packs plenty of POS power — perfect for ice cream trucks or pop-up stands. 

2. Many ways to pay

Ever tried to juggle an ice cream cone and swipe a credit card? Things can get sticky, fast. Clover devices accept payment in any form, so customers can swipe, dip, tap, or use cash to pay. Improve the customer experience by making it easy to complete the transaction (without using multiple napkins). Whether you’re selling near the beach or on a bike route, Clover allows you to capture more spur-of-the-moment sales by accepting payment types in every flavor. 

3. Follow the crowds

The best part of summer? Spending more time outside! Follow the crowds to the beach, the parks, the Fourth of July fireworks, and anywhere else where people might be enjoying the glorious weather. Ice cream is the perfect afternoon treat, and you want to be able to take advantage when someone’s sweet tooth suddenly catches a craving. Clover Flex and Mini are both designed to be portable and operate on a long-life battery charge without the need for constant WIFI to accept payments. Capture more customers with the freedom to accept payment outside your brick-and-mortar. 

4. Make employee scheduling easy

Shift-scheduling is often one of the biggest pain points for ice cream store owners. As you’re likely relying on seasonal employees to help you keep up with demand, you need an easy way to keep track of everyone’s shifts. That’s where an app like Homebase can come in handy. Homebase’s scheduling app can help you easily set up a schedule, collect availability from your employees, communicate with your team, and let them easily switch shifts. When someone needs to take off for a long weekend, it’s easy to sub in someone else to keep scooping in their place. 

5. Easily top-up your toppings

America’s favorite ice cream topping is hot fudge, though caramel and sprinkles are also fan favorites. Offering premium toppings can help you gain incremental revenue on every cup and cone. Keep your inventory well stocked with Clover’s inventory tools. Capabilities like bulk edits, customized column views, and improved filters can give you a clear picture of what’s running out and when you need to re-order. Keep an eye on your best selling toppings and flavors and stay well stocked all summer long. 

6. Reward your sweetest customers

Max out summer season by taking advantage of Rewards and Promos to engage customers and keep foot traffic flowing. Part of the Clover Customer Engagement Suite, Rewards offers a way to create tailored perks and freebies, depending on your business strategy. 

Your ice cream shop can give customers a way to collect points three different ways: by printing SMS codes for customers with an eligible purchase; asking customers to download the Clover app and checking in; or allowing customers self check-in on a customer-facing Mini—via SMS or email. Then, offer points based on a certain purchase amount or qualifying menu items (like a cone with two scoops). 

Clover Promos is a great way to boost repeat visits by using digital offers, real-time promos, timely announcements and in-store coupons. Why not send your fans a promo on the hottest day of summer to drive foot traffic? Promo offers can be sent out to customers via text, email, or through the Clover mobile app, as well as posted on your Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s a great way to incentivize customers to come by during a lull. 

Ice cream is one of summer’s best ingredients, and Clover wants to help you spread joy to the world by making it easier to reach customers and sell successfully.

To learn how you can leverage Clover’s POS systems for ice cream shops to increase customer engagement and manage your business, connect with a Clover Business Consultant today. 

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