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Start a small business

What is a business license and why do you need one?

Although some entrepreneurs may dismiss the idea of getting a business license,...


Doing Business As (DBA): What it is & when to file one

There is another, simpler approach known as “doing business as.” Usually abbreviated...


How to register your small business

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you likely dream of the independence, freedom,...


Minimum wage by state

A minimum wage is the lowest legally allowed hourly amount that employers...


Can employers require COVID-19 vaccines?

Curious about regulations regarding required vaccinations for employees? We now have guidance...


Small business tax deductions for 2020 / 2021

If your goal is to keep as much money as possible this...


10 ways to reduce anxiety for yourself and your employees

With more Americans showing signs of depression or anxiety, odds are, you...


COVID-19 Services Survival Guide

When your business model depends on human contact, you may be at...

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