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Online Ordering

Online ordering made easy with the Clover and Uber Eats integration

This Clover-Uber Eats integration is our first end-to-end solution for online ordering...

Biz Ops

Why Clover Online Ordering is the perfect addition for your restaurant

Online ordering seems to be a trend that is here to stay,...

Crisis Support

How to secure your business for the future

As we enter a new era in Canada’s history, it remains important...


6 effective ways to increase restaurant sales

Below are six tactics you can use to help increase your restaurant’s...


10 tips to alleviate anxiety for yourself and your employees

COVID impact on mental health  Prior to the pandemic, 1 in 5...


6 efficient ways to promote a restaurant

With health and safety measures in place, hosting large private events and...

Run your Business

Why a Clover Flex is the perfect upgrade for your business

As business in Canada moves forward, becoming more flexible can establish greater...

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