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Why a Clover Flex is the perfect upgrade for your business

Editorial Team

2 min read
Boutique employee holding Clover Flex

For over a year, we’ve done our best to navigate through a “new normal” that’s been everything but. Among the most affected were small businesses, with many unable to endure the sudden and ever-changing landscape. But the ability to adapt quickly to change is the key to longer-term success – especially in turbulent times.


As business in Canada moves forward, becoming more flexible can establish greater security for small business owners during these on-going changes, and versatile POS systems with portable devices can help. Clover Flex offers it all – mobile terminal, business management, and a full-fledged POS system – all in the palm of your hand.

What is a Clover Flex?

Clover® Flex is a handheld device that lets you take your POS right to your customer at a table, counter, or window. This all-in-one device offers built-in capabilities to accept payments, conduct business, and track sales, all from the palm of your hand. 

Flex carries a number of benefits:

  • Easy payments and deposits: Clover Flex lets your customers pay you the way they want—swipe, dip, or tap debit and credit cards, use gift cards, or cash.
  • Reliability and convenience on-the-go: Enjoy the convenience of mobility with the same durability, functionality, and design of other Clover devices.
  • Numbers at the ready: Keep an eye on business performance, inventory, and more from anywhere, anytime with the cloud-based Clover Dashboard.
  • Top-notch security: You and your customers can rest easy knowing every transaction is encrypted and more protected with Clover Security.

Clover Flex is a great standalone system, but it also is the perfect complement to a Clover Station Duo or Clover Mini. You can take orders tableside, fire them directly to the kitchen, and manage the order in a Station as well. You can take payments for any order on any of your connected devices, so everyone can do what’s most convenient for them. 

Concerned about social distancing or needing to reach across a bar or into a car for payment? Consider getting the Flex Extender, a simple device with a telescoping handle that lets you reach a customer for payment without having to enter their personal space.  With creativity, courage, and the right mix of Clover POS devices, your business can become even more resilient, standing up to whatever the market throws at it. Learn more about how Clover Flex can help your business adapt. And, be sure to check out our Meet the Merchant stories for insights from Clover merchants on growing resilient businesses.

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