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Food and Beverage Industry Insights

Discover tips and ideas to help your restaurant, café, or food truck.

Deliverect and Clover cobranded graphic


Track and manage your online orders with Deliverect

The Deliverect app, available in the Clover App Market, tracks and manages all ... Read more
Owners of Jaide and Joel's Baking Company

Meet the Merchant

Jaide and Joel’s Baking Company

Clover: Tell us about the history of Jaide and Joel’s Baking Company. How ... Read more
Woman standing in front of a project plan


7 tips for creating a marketing plan

A marketing plan outlines the actionable steps you need to take toward achieving ... Read more
People raising a toast with wine glasses


Showing appreciation for your staff after the holiday rush is over

Many small businesses and startups simply no longer have enough budget for bonuses. ... Read more
Man holding take out bags

Product Updates

Find the delivery app that fits your business needs

Clover Apps focus on making delivery seamless Discover three apps in the Clover ... Read more
Scanning QR code with smart phone

Product Updates

Enhance your restaurant’s contactless experience with Scan to Order

Restaurants that use Clover point-of-sale (POS) systems are now able to offer guests a ... Read more
Customer ordering at BBQ restaurant

Customer Service

5 things to remember when dealing with difficult customers

Below are 5 suggestions to help your small business deal with difficult customers: ... Read more
Chef preparing a meal at a restaurant

Biz Ops

Why Clover Online Ordering is the perfect addition for your restaurant

Online ordering seems to be a trend that is here to stay, and ... Read more
Taping up a produce box


How your restaurant can profit from online ordering systems

Convenience: You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy delicious meals. Safety: ... Read more
Open sign hanging in boutique window

Crisis Support

How to secure your business for the future

As we enter a new era in Canada’s history, it remains important to ... Read more
Man looking at laptop on balcony


Top 6 mistakes to avoid as a small business owner

Listed below are some of the biggest money mistakes entrepreneurs make while starting ... Read more
Image Alt Text: Barocco X Nino owner Bruno Colozza

Meet the Merchant

Barocco X Nino

Clover: So, your business name is pronounced Barocco by Nino?  Bruno Colozza: Yes. Clover: ... Read more
Woman paying tab on Clover Flex


6 effective ways to increase restaurant sales

Below are six tactics you can use to help increase your restaurant’s revenue, ... Read more
Café owner looking to the side


10 tips to alleviate anxiety for yourself and your employees

COVID impact on mental health  Prior to the pandemic, 1 in 5 Canadians ... Read more
Café owner looking at tablet


6 efficient ways to promote a restaurant

With health and safety measures in place, hosting large private events and promoting ... Read more
Boutique employee holding Clover Flex

Run your Business

Why a Clover Flex is the perfect upgrade for your business

As business in Canada moves forward, becoming more flexible can establish greater security ... Read more
Restaurant server looking at laptop

Run your Business

Optimizing your online presence

One restaurant industry report predicted that digital sales will make up 54% of restaurant ... Read more
Pastries from Kouign Café

Meet the Merchant

Kouign Café

Clover: Hi, Andrew! Can you tell us how you got into the business ... Read more
Clarissa Aguiar of Tapi Go! by sunflowers

Meet the Merchant

Tapi Go!

Clover: Nice to meet you, Clarissa. Tell us how you came to open ... Read more

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