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Food and Beverage Industry Insights

Discover tips and ideas to help your restaurant, café, or food truck.

SMB woman working on a laptop


5 small business website design mistakes to avoid

Read on for five top website design mistakes to help you know what ... Read more
Small business woman doing bookkeeping


6 things to consider before opening a second location for your business

Here are six things you should think through before opening a second location. ... Read more
American Express woman with bag in a store.


5 ways small businesses can take on big competitors

Source: American ExpressAuthor: Meredith Schmidt The playing field has never been level for ... Read more
Person using a laptop, viewing a futuristic AI screen.

Run your Business

5 AI tools for small businesses and how to use them

If you need to write a newsletter, edit product photos, improve your customer ... Read more
Woman on the phone

Money Management

5 questions to ask when sales are down

1. What factors have contributed to slow sales? This would be the time ... Read more
Man standing infront of a cafe looking at his phone.


9 blogs that all small businesses should follow

Below is our collection of the best blogs for small business owners to ... Read more
Woman and man looking at a tablet in a restaurant kitchen


Top productivity hacks for small business owners

How are some small business owners able to get everything done? What is their secret ... Read more
Business owner inside retail boutique using a Clover Station Duo Point-of-Sale system.

Biz Ops

5 must-have features for your small business POS system

It’s more sophisticated than a cash register, as it enables a business to accept ... Read more
Woman listening to music with headphones in her living room.


10 Taylor Swift lyrics that double as advice for entrepreneurs

Whatever tough situation you’re going through, there always seems to be a Taylor ... Read more
Man smiling writing in a notebook.

Money Management

6 types of budgeting methods for business success

There are many types of budgeting methods entrepreneurs can follow, but none of them are one-size-fits-all ... Read more
Clover business partners using a laptop inside a restaurant

Meet the Merchant

Couples at work: How Clover merchants mix love and business

For these Clover merchants, being a couple working together often means sharing a ... Read more
Female small business owner smiling in front of her laptop inside retail store.


10 small business tips for 2024

Below are 10 actionable small business tips for 2024 and beyond that can ... Read more
Small business owner doing work on her laptop surrounded by cardboard boxes filled with inventory.

Start a Small Business

9 of the most profitable small businesses to start in 2024

Many of the people who leave their jobs are ready to create a ... Read more
Woman making payment at a retail store on a Clover Station Duo POS


Attract new customers with these tips from American Express

Let you customers know you accept digital payments In recent years contactless digital ... Read more
Male and Female small business owners working on a laptop.


18 free small business tools to help streamline operations

Free digital tools for small businesses While some of these tools have paid plans, ... Read more
Person making a payment on a laptop

Payments & Processing

Enhancing security: mitigating risks with fraud management tools

In a recent study by Juniper Research, it is projected that global merchant ... Read more
Young woman on her laptop surrounded by inventory boxes.

Biz Ops

How Clover’s online invoicing feature can help you get paid faster

Gone are the days when customers had to make special trips to the ... Read more
Woman working in ice cream parlour

Run your Business

Utilizing Clover Reporting for sales forecasting

Clover’s reporting function provides a powerful toolset for businesses to track and analyze ... Read more
Man making a payment using a Clover Flex POS.


Guide: Set up alphanumeric display on your Clover PIN pad

Some individuals use alphanumerical displays to remember their PINs, tapping into the human ... Read more
Man in a blue suit smiling, looking at his phone.

Social Media

3 ways to improve your social media marketing strategy

When used effectively, your small business can craft content that speaks directly to ... Read more

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