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Why Clover Online Ordering is the perfect addition for your restaurant

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Chef preparing a meal at a restaurant
Chefs preparing meals

Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants have had to get creative with their business models to navigate the ongoing changes; in turn, many new practices have been adopted. Amongst the changes were a significant upsurge of takeout orders, use of online ordering apps, and the need for contactless curbside pick up.


Online ordering seems to be a trend that is here to stay, and one that provides many benefits to your restaurant.  A 2020 study found that close to two thirds of Canadians ordered food online in some form during the latter half of 2020 – with 29 per cent ordering online directly from the restaurant. About half of respondents said they plan to keep ordering meals online at least once a week after the pandemic ends.

If you don’t already have a system in place, now is a good time to add an online menu to your restaurant’s platform. Clover has a built-in solution that reduces contact and touchpoints while maximizing options for engaging your guests and to help increase profits. Here’s how to make the most of Clover Online Ordering.

Clover Online Ordering Basics

Clover Online Ordering1 gives you an easy way to take advantage of the benefits of online ordering for pickup and dine-in and boost sales during these complicated times.

Getting started with Clover Online Ordering is setup through the Clover Dashboard. You’ll have an ordering web page automatically set up and populated with your existing Clover menu. Restaurants can have online orders fired directly to the kitchen. Clover Online Ordering is included with our Counter Service or Table Service Restaurant software plans; the only fees you will pay are the card-not-present transaction fees associated with online orders.

To get started or upgrade, login to the Clover Dashboard

Updating your Menu

Easily add or modify menu items at any time through your Clover Dashboard. Any changes you make will automatically sync to your live online menu. Take time to add enticing descriptions and mouth watering photos to both advertise and sell more of your specialties.

COLO item entry screen

Include modifiers to your menu items to increase accuracy and customer satisfaction.

You can also pause your online ordering menu to avoid getting overwhelmed when you’re experiencing a rush, ensuring you provide a positive experience for all your guests.

COLO pause online order

Scan to Order

Scan to Order is an extended feature of Clover Online Ordering that promotes a safe and secure dining experience through contactless online ordering and payment processing.

Your Clover device generates a QR code that you can place on table tent cards, on your tables, and signage throughout your restaurant. Guests can scan the QR code from their mobile device to access the online ordering menu. Not only are these digital menus easily accessible to your guests, you can update them with the touch of a button and avoid costly printing.

Customer scanning QR code

Once they decide on the menu items they want, guests place their order, process payment, and add gratuity through the same interface. They can also add any special notes or instructions, such as dressing on the side or extra cheese. Orders are categorized as “dine-in,” fired straight to the kitchen, and food runners deliver dishes to guests who can dine at their leisure, as the check has already been paid. As one final benefit, Scan to Order saves your servers from all those long walks (or runs!) back and forth between diners and your POS—and that’s especially helpful with outdoor dining arrangements.

In these many ways, Scan to Order minimizes contact between diners and your team, offering a safer experience for in-restaurant dining. It can help you turn tables faster with fewer wait staff because orders and payments are processed quickly and efficiently through the Clover POS system. Guests are also able to take advantage of convenient, fast ordering and payment as they can do so online without waiting for a server.

Promote your Menu

There are plenty of ways to let the world know you’re now accepting orders online.  Here are a few tips to promote your menu so your customers can place online orders for pickup in-restaurant or curbside.

  • Place a prominent “Order Online” button on your website 
  • Email your online menu URL to customers
  • Publicize your online ordering capabilities on social media
  • Put up indoor and outdoor “order online” signs at your restaurant to let your customers know they can conveniently order online
  • Post QR codes that start the online ordering process. QR codes printed from your Clover device and placed in your restaurants allow your guests to start the ordering process from their mobile devices.

Get more tips for marketing your online ordering capabilities with our “Drive restaurant sales with Clover Online Ordering” guide we created just for you.

Download our Guide


COVID-19 has forced restaurants to adjust to the new world of social distancing, and getting used to the new normal is going to take time. Change is never easy, especially when it comes to meeting guest demands while trying to protect your staff and your business. We hope Clover Online Ordering helps you streamline orders for pickup and in-restaurant dining experiences.

Read more about how an online ordering system can benefit your restaurant, or speak with one of our  Clover Specialists today to learn more about additional business solutions.

1Clover Online Ordering is included free as part of the Counter Service or Table Service Restaurant plans. No additional subscription is required. Other processing fees continue to apply.  To start using Online Ordering, login to the Clover Dashboard. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Customer Service Desk at 1-888-263-1938.

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