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Enhance your restaurant’s contactless experience with Scan to Order

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Scanning QR code with smart phone

If you’ve dined at a restaurant in the past year, chances are you’ve encountered a scannable QR code at your table which pulls up a digital menu on your phone.  Many restaurants have adopted this solution in place of a physical menu in order to reduce contact and keep items as sanitary as possible.  The good news for Canadian restaurant owners is that this feature is now available on your Clover!


Restaurants that use Clover point-of-sale (POS) systems are now able to offer guests a touchless experience from order to payment.  The new Scan to Order feature through Clover Online Ordering1 equips restaurants to operate in a pandemic-conscious, digitally driven world.  Guests scan a Clover-generated QR code with a smartphone camera to access a digital menu, select their orders, and securely pay, all within a digital environment. 

“Scan to Order allows us to provide a touchless ordering option that we could not enable previously. As customers order and pay digitally, their order information is communicated instantly to our kitchen and payment information syncs with our Clover POS device. The entire experience has been very well received by our customers and seamless for our staff to implement,” said Kathy Fives, owner of The Jambalaya Shoppe Acadian in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In addition to facilitating a touchless experience, Scan to Order enables significant operating and cost efficiencies such as:

  • Eliminating the need to update and print paper menus and providing the ability to update customer facing menus on the fly
  • Enabling servers to cover more tables and drive faster table turns and larger transaction volumes with customer-centric ordering
  • Increasing security of customer payment data with encrypted digital payments processed through the Clover POS system

“The digital menu feature of Scan to Order saves us time and money by allowing us to completely eliminate three types of printed menus, saving us hundreds of dollars per week,” said Ben Bate, co-owner of Ludwig’s German Table in San Jose, California. “We can update a single online menu on the spot to highlight specials or remove sold-out items. And now we usually sell-out of the daily specials that appear at the top of our digital menu.”

Where Can I find my QR Code?

Your unique downloadable QR code is available in your Clover Dashboard.  Simply sign into Clover Dashboard, go to Account & Setup, select Clover Online Ordering and scroll down to Toolkit where you’ll be able to access your QR code.

Share your QR code on your social media, or download your QR Code to post on tables, outdoor and indoor signage, customer emails, blogs, newsletters, flyers, take-out boxes, and other collateral.

Read more about Clover Online Ordering and how an online ordering system can benefit your restaurant, or speak with one of our Clover Specialists today to learn more about additional business solutions.

Additional Resources:

1Clover Online Ordering is included free as part of the Counter Service or Table Service Restaurant plans. No additional subscription is required. Other processing fees continue to apply.  To start using Online Ordering, login to the Clover Dashboard. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Customer Service Desk at 1-888-263-1938.

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